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Ultra-runner Sufiyan Sufi runs across Qatar in fastest time

Indian pro athlete Sufiyan Sufi ran across Qatar in the fastest time in an order to create a Guinness book world record.

Ultra-runner Sufiyan Sufi runs across Qatar in fastest time

The Bridge Desk

Updated: 14 Jan 2023 3:35 PM GMT

Sufiya Sufi, an ultrarunner who has set three Guinness World Records, ran across Qatar from south to north on Friday in 30 hours and 34 minutes.

The Indian professional athlete, Sufi, began her run from Abu Samra on Thursday at 6.16 am and reached the finish line in Al Ruwais on Friday at 12.50 pm as part of a Guinness World Record attempt. The whole trip log and additional supporting documentation will be sent to Guinness World Records for official acknowledgement of the achievement.

The target for Sufi was to complete the run in 35 hours but she finished it well ahead of the estimated time.

The expedition's logistical support had been organised by the Indian Sports Centre (ISC), which is connected to the Indian embassy in Qatar. Sheji Valikayath, vice president of the ISC, called it a significant victory for Sufi.

"We congratulate Sufiya Sufi for the fantastic feat. We hope that she will continue her international expeditions in several other countries successfully. We are very glad that ISC could provide assistance and logistical support in this attempt. Many ISC members also joined her towards the last leg of her run," Sheji said to The Gulf Times.

Sufi has tried the Official Guinness World Record for the fastest known time to run the length of Qatar with the "Run Across Qatar" challenge in an effort to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Plenty of local runners joined Sufi for the race on Friday, and numerous others provided logistical support. Sufi had to contend with stiff headwinds. Sufi was accompanied by three of her teammates during the run.

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