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Rowing at Tokyo Olympics: Preview, Guide, Schedule, Indian Players

Everything you need to know about Rowing and Indian players competing in the sport at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Indian Rowers Arvind Singh and Arjun Lal Jat

Arvind Singh and Arjun Jat


Keyur Jain

Updated: 9 July 2021 8:18 AM GMT

Although rowing has been practised for centuries, it has become a competitive sport only in the last 200 years. Rowing has a famous rivalry between Oxford and Cambridge Universities, which began on the Thames River in London. The rivalry lives on in the form of an annual boat race.


Rowing has been featured at every Olympic Games since it debuted on the programme in 1900 in Paris, following the cancellation of the rowing event at the 1896 Games due to bad weather. Women's events were first included in the Olympic Games in Montreal in 1976. Rowing will be featured as a sport in both the men's and women's events in the Tokyo Olympics this time as well.

Sculling and sweep events are the two broad categories of rowing. In sculling, one oar is held in each hand, whereas in sweep events, a single oar is held in both hands.

Rowing is a sport that takes place outside. Weather and water are two main factors that influence the result of the game. Unsafe conditions, such as high waves or bad weather, may force the matches to be postponed or rescheduled.

The leading Olympic Rowing nations are New Zealand, Great Britain, and Germany, with Australia and the United States also having a strong record. South Africa and China are two emerging nations that have shown increasing strength in recent years.

Great Britain has outperformed Germany in women's rowing, winning gold in the coxless pair and silver in the eights and double sculls at Rio 2016. Great Britain won three gold medals in London in 2012.


Tokyo 2020 Rowing events will be conducted in the following categories:

There will be 7 men's events and 7 women's events.

1. Single Sculls (1x) (Men/Women)

2. Pair (2-) (Men/Women)

3. Double Sculls (2x) (Men/Women)

4. Four (4-) (Men/Women)

5. Quadruple Sculls (4x) (Men/Women)

6. Eight (8+) (Men/Women)

7. Lightweight Double Sculls (2x) (Men/Women)


The Matches will take place from 23rd July to 30th July at Sea Forest Waterway. The timings are in IST (Indian Standard time)

Day1, Friday, 23 July 05:00 - 08:40

  • Men's Single Sculls Heats
  • Women's Single Sculls Heats
  • Men's Double Sculls Heats
  • Women's Double Sculls Heats
  • Men's Quadruple Sculls Heats
  • Women's Quadruple Sculls Heats

Day 2, Saturday 24 July 05:00 - 09:00

  • Women's Single Sculls Repechages
  • Men's Single Sculls Repechages
  • Women's Double Sculls Repechage
  • Men's Double Sculls Repechage
  • Women's Pair Heats
  • Men's Pair Heats
  • Lightweight Women's Double Sculls Heats
  • Lightweight Men's Double Sculls Heats
  • Women's Four Heats
  • Men's Four Heats

Day 3, Sunday 25 July 5:30 - 08:10

  • Men's Single Sculls Semifinals E/F
  • Women's Single Sculls Semifinals E/F
  • Men's Pair Repechage
  • Women's Pair Repechage
  • Lightweight Men's Double Sculls Repechages
  • Lightweight Women's Double Sculls Repechages
  • Men's Quadruple Sculls Repechage
  • Women's Quadruple Sculls Repechage
  • Men's Eight Heats
  • Women's Eight Heats

Day 4, Monday 26 July 05:30 - 07:50

  • Women's Single Sculls Quarterfinals
  • Men's Single Sculls Quarterfinals
  • Women's Double Sculls Semifinals
  • Men's Double Sculls Semifinals
  • Women's Four Repechage
  • Men's Four Repechage

Day 5, Tuesday 27 July 05:00 - 08:30

  • Men's Single Sculls Semifinals C/D
  • Women's Single Sculls Semifinals C/D
  • Lightweight Men's Double Sculls Final C
  • Lightweight Women's Double Sculls Final C
  • Men's Quadruple Sculls Final B
  • Women's Quadruple Sculls Final B
  • Men's Quadruple Sculls Final A
  • Women's Quadruple Sculls Final A
  • Men's Quadruple Sculls Victory Ceremony
  • Men's Pair Semifinals A/B
  • Women's Quadruple Sculls Victory Ceremony
  • Women's Pair Semifinals A/B
  • Lightweight Men's Double Sculls Semifinals A/B
  • Lightweight Women's Double Sculls Semifinals A/B

Day6, Wednesday 28 July 05:00 - 08:10

  • Women's Double Sculls Final B
  • Men's Double Sculls Final B
  • Women's Four Final B
  • Men's Four Final B
  • Women's Double Sculls Final A
  • Men's Double Sculls Final A
  • Women's Double Sculls Victory Ceremony
  • Women's Four Final A
  • Men's Double Sculls Victory Ceremony
  • Men's Four Finals A
  • Women's Four Victory Ceremony
  • Women's Eight Repechage
  • Men's Four Victory Ceremony
  • Men's Eight Repechage
  • Women's Single Sculls Semifinals A/B
  • Men's Single Sculls Semifinals A/B

Day 7, Thursday 29 July 05:00 - 08:20

  • Men's Single Sculls Final F
  • Women's Single Sculls Final F
  • Men's Single Sculls Final E
  • Women's Single Sculls Final E
  • Men's Pair Final A
  • Women's Pair Final A
  • Men's Pair Victory Ceremony
  • Lightweight Men's Double Sculls Final A
  • Women's Pair Victory Ceremony
  • Lightweight Women's Double Sculls Final A
  • Lightweight Men's Double Sculls Victory Ceremony
  • Men's Pairs Final B
  • Lightweight Women's Double Sculls Victory Ceremony
  • Women's Pairs Final B
  • Lightweight Men's Double Sculls Final B
  • Lightweight Women's Double Sculls Final B
  • Women's Single Sculls Final D
  • Men's Single Sculls Final D

Day 8, Friday 30 July 05:15 - 07:25

  • Women's Single Sculls Final C
  • Men's Single Sculls Final C
  • Women's Single Sculls Final B
  • Men's Single Sculls Final B
  • Women's Single Sculls Final A
  • Men's Single Sculls Final A
  • Women's Single Sculls Victory Ceremony
  • Women's Eight Final A
  • Men's Single Sculls Victory Ceremony
  • Men's Eight Final A
  • Women's Eight Victory Ceremony
  • Men's Eight Victory Ceremony

Indian Players

Arvind Singh and Arjun Jat

Arjun Jat

Arvind Singh

India will send two rowers to the Tokyo Olympics, competing in the same category as pairs. At the World Rowing Asia and Oceania Olympic and Paralympic Qualification Regatta in Tokyo in May 2021, the Indian rowing team of Arjun Lal Jat and Arvind Singh secured a place in the Tokyo Olympic quota in the men's lightweight double scull event.

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