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Moeen Ali is not the first. Do you remember other instances of Racism in Cricket?

5 instances where racism prevailed on a cricketing pitch before the entire Moeen Ali saga.

Moeen Ali is not the first. Do you remember other instances of Racism in Cricket?

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Updated: 16 April 2021 7:50 AM GMT

With the recent controversy involving Chennai Super Kings (CSK) player Moeen Ali garnering the attention of the world, the conversation around racism in sport has yet again become a hot topic for sports fans to discuss and mull over.

Racism has been a prevalent issue in sport. There have been numerous instances across the world and in numerous sports where a particular player/athlete being has been subjected to racial abuse.

Various sporting authorities have been working hard to crack down on the issue but have, unfortunately, failed.

Today, we revisit a few instances in Cricket where players were racially abused.

Question 1: Apart from Harbhajan Singh, who was the other player involved in the infamous 2008 Monkeygate scandal?

Question 2: Apart from Darren Sammy, who was the other player to have been called 'Kalu' by Indians during the Indian T20 League?

Question 3: A certain cricketer was termed as a 'terrorist' by the late Dean Jones. Identify the cricketer.

Question 4: An English cricketer was labelled as "Osama" by an unidentified Australian international. Identify the English cricketer.

Question 5: In 2003, a certain Australian cricketer was caught shouting "black c***s" after his dismissal against the Sri Lankans. Identify the cricketer.

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