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Watch: Fast, social, and fun - Padel is just about that!


Srijanee D. Majumdar

Updated: 23 April 2021 6:46 AM GMT

Ever heard of a sport that looks like tennis but has walls like squash? I fear I may have muddled the message. But have you ever felt bored with all the games you have played? Surely, we have all done that, right?!

Nicknamed 'tennis within walls', padel is set to establish a strong footing in the country's sporting scene. "Padel is a combination of tennis and squash. And it is very addictive," defines Sneha Abraham Sehgal, President of Bengaluru-based Indian Padel Federation. If you're looking for a fast and challenging non-contact sport, this could be just for you.

As exciting as it may sound to you, the sport has reached almost 2,000 people in the city. Due to its underlying similarity with other racket sports like tennis and squash, padel is gradually exploding in popularity for its simplicity. Indeed. My search for a slightly less exhausting and fun sport ended when I tried my hand at it. Well, the many unsuccessful forehands and backhands can definitely be overlooked.

What if I tell you about a sport that was much easier to catch up on? Sounds interesting, right? Padel offers just that! A racket sport with four players and smaller courts, here's why padel could be a huge hit in India!

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