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Home News National-level powerlifter ragged in Kerala medical college, left with dislocated shoulder

National-level powerlifter ragged in Kerala medical college, left with dislocated shoulder


A national-level powerlifting champion was subject to a brutal ragging incident by seniors at Government Medical College Ernakulam (GMC Ernakulam) in Kerala which left him seriously injured on his right shoulder.

Anex Ron Phillip, who joined MBBS this year at the institute, got his right shoulder bone dislocated after being allegedly assaulted by 12 seniors. The injury was so grievous that the youngster had to be admitted for treatment.

The young powerlifter and aspiring doctor, in his formal complaint, accused the 12 seniors of ragging him on 6th November midnight. According to Anex, he was returning to his hostel from the arts festival when he was confronted by the group. Until then, he had got away due to his intimidating physique but there was no escaping that night. The seniors were waiting for an opportunity and when they found him alone, they pounced on it.

Anex has been advised by the doctors to take at least one month rest before returning to the competitive fold. Due to the injury, the promising athlete could be forced to sit out of the upcoming National Powerlifting meet, in January 2020.

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As per a report Onmanorama, Dr P Anil Kumar, the Vice-Principal of GMC Ernakulam, has said that the student’s complaint would be forwarded to the police. Furthermore, a three-member council, comprising Heads of Departments (HoDs), would be constituted to investigate the incident.

Ragging has been defined as, “Any act of physical or mental abuse (including bullying and exclusion) targeted at another student (fresher or otherwise) on the ground of colour, race, religion, caste, ethnicity, gender (including transgender), sexual orientation, appearance, nationality, regional origins, linguistic identity, place of birth, place of residence or economic background.”

Usually, ragging involves harmless pranks but sometimes it takes a nasty turn. There have been numerous instances where ragging has resulted in even death. Although officially banned in colleges and campuses across India, it is seldom enforced by the authorities. It is extremely unfortunate that a budding athlete had to go through it.


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