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Manny Pacquiao to run for Philippines president

Veteran boxer turned senator Manny Pacquiao to run for President in the 2022 elections in Philippines

Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao (Source: Yahoo)


Rajdeep Saha

Updated: 21 Sep 2021 11:55 AM GMT

It was 2015 when a certain Manny Pacquiao made himself to us, at least those who are not avid watchers. What was termed as "the fight of the century", Pacquiao went up against Floyd Mayweather in 12 scintillating bouts of boxing. Despite losing the match, Pacquiao didn't have anything to lose as his prolific career preceded him before the match. But soon after in 2016, he decided to kick off his bout in the game of politics.

After being a part of the political milieu of the country for some years now, the ace boxer announced recently that he would be running for president of the Philippines in 2022. Speculation surrounding his retirement, which emerged a few months back, might come true with Pacquiao's presidential bid. While his boxing career might be one with very few aberrations in the way, his political journey has been one of ups and downs.

The 42-year old received flak in 2016 after he compared people in same-sex relationships to something that is worse than animals. While a later apology did come from him, his conservative stance that gay marriage is against the bible still remains as one of the key points in his ideology.

The second point that he has raised throughout his campaigning is his opposition to China. Pacquiao also called out current president Duterte's friendly relation with China, something which is against the boxer's beliefs.

Despite his popularity as the only boxer to hold world titles in eight different divisions, he still finds himself trailing behind Duterte's daughter, Sara Duterte-Carpio. Nevertheless, Manny 'PacMan' Pacquiao will look to maintain his indomitable fighting spirit that has been inextinguishable for so many years in the ring.

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