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Kickboxer dies from fatal injury at Bengaluru State C'Ships; police book organisers

A 23-year-old Mysuru-based kickboxer lost his life tragically after suffering a fatal injury while competing in the Bengaluru State Championships. Family allege negligence by organisers as cause of death.

kickboxer bengaluru death

A kickboxer (in blue) competing in the Bengaluru State Championships lost his life after collapsing in the ring 


The Bridge Desk

Updated: 14 July 2022 11:48 AM GMT

A 23-year-old kickboxer from Mysuru lost his life while competing in the state-level K1 kickboxing championship after suffering a massive blow on July 10th from his opponent during the match, and succumbed to his injuries three days later.

Following the tragic incident, the Bengaluru police have lodged a case of negligence against the organisers as there was no emergency medical care at the venue, no paramedics, no oxygen facility, stretcher or ambulance available, according to the victim's bereaved father.

The youngest son of Vimala R and Suresh P, the deceased, identified as Nikhil collapsed in the ring after being hit hard by his opponent during the kickboxing state championships in Bengaluru at Pai International Building located in Jnana Jyothi Nagar.

A video captured by the audience from the event showcases this incident, as well.

Nikhil's mother, Vimala received a call on her mobile phone at 6 pm on the evening of July 10th mentioning how her son has sustained injuries. Nikhil's father, Suresh, alleged that the mat on which they were competing was too thin and the injuries got worse once Nikhil fell on the floor.

Moreover, Suresh also alleged that the organiser Naveen Ravi Shankar had kept his mobile phone switched off following the accident.

Nikhil was shifted to G M Hospital in Nagarabhavi in Bengaluru in an unconscious state. He succumbed to his injuries on the 13th of July.

Nikhil's coach, Vikram Mysore Nagaraj, meanwhile, took to Facebook and wrote, "Had there been an ambulance, trained medical staff and a standard fighting platform at the venue, he wouldn't have lost those precious golden moments when the tragedy struck and could have saved him from this agony."

As of now, the Jnana Bharathi police have registered a case under Section 304 (a) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) pertaining to causing death by negligence against the organisers and are investigating Nikhil's death.

Nikhil's death is also a tangential reminder of a freak accident that also took place inside a boxing ring in June where a South African lightweight boxer, Simiso Buthelezi succumbed to his injuries and died after mysteriously going to the empty corner of the boxing ring and throwing air punches and hurting himself, caught in a frenzy, before collapsing. The video from that scary incident had gone viral upon release, as well.

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