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Kerala's Chaliyam beach to turn into a water sports destination

Kozhikode's famous Chaliyam beach will be developed as a water sports hub under the responsible tourism initiative, which has allocated a budget of Rs. 10 crores for it.

Chaliyam beach kerala flickr

Chaliyam Beach in Kerala (Source: Flickr/Babish VB)


The Bridge Desk

Published: 4 Feb 2022 7:10 AM GMT

The serene Chaliyam beach in Kozhikode, Kerala is all set to be transformed into a water sports hub under the Department of Tourism's initiative of responsible tourism. With the hope of developing the Chaliyam beach into a water sports destination, a fund of Rs 10 crores has been allocated for the two-phase project to be implemented soon.

Seeking to change the lives of the local fishermen families and the allied workers, the project to turn Chaliyam beach into a water sports destination is well in the works, after P.A. Mohammed Riyas, Minister for Public Works and Tourism visited the site on 3rd February.

Kerala, that lines the Arabian coast majorly, has a lot of beautiful beaches and backwaters and is known as God's own country, will hope to attract more sports enthusiasts and tourists to Chaliyam beach now.

Mohammed Riyas, who made the field visit to finalise the plans, conveyed to The Hindu that the project will take place over the next two years, by which it should achieve completion and succeed in making Chaliyam beach as one of the most beautiful water sports destinations in the Kerala state.

Not only that, the beach area would be converted into a differently abled friendly destination with barrier-free access for all. Only recently in January 2022, Chennai's Marina Beach also saw a temporary disabled-friendly wooden pathway being constructed so that wheelchair-users could come access the beach and dip their feet in the rolling waters of the sea.

"We are happy to learn that Chaliyam is one of the most suitable places for promoting adventure tourism and all water sports activities in Kerala," Riyas said to The Hindu, after his field visit.

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