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IPL 2021 - Online betting websites to get a boost

There is nothing in the world of cricket like the Indian Premier League.

IPL 2021 - Online betting websites to get a boost

The Bridge Desk

Published: 26 March 2021 5:48 AM GMT

There is nothing in the world of cricket like the Indian Premier League. Recent estimates revealed that 75% of the revenue of the cricketing world comes from India and 45% of that comes from the IPL alone. It is safe to say that the tournament captures the pulse of India and seems to get bigger every year.

Any sport that evokes such strong passions and emotions is going to be one where the fans want to get closer to the action. One of the popular ways to do this is to put some money on the outcome of the matches.Dream11 and other fantasy platforms have introduced millions of Indians to the concept of online gaming with real money and sites like Betway, 10Cric, Dafabet, Parimatch, and more are taking it a step further.

Awareness about these brands is growing as they invest in direct advertising in India and so everything points to IPL 2021 Betting moving online in a bigger manner than ever before.

Read more about the best betting sites online right here.

IPL 2021 Betting

These are people that just want to enjoy the match and maybe test their knowledge to see if they can make some money alongside!

The odds of winning at these betting sites are much better. Not only can you bet on much more inventive and diverse betting markets, but you can also hedge your bets to ensure you always come out on the winning side!

Of course, all of this comes with an element of financial risk and that is why restraint must be shown.

There are a lot of people that are looking to make a quick buck by promising you 'IPL match tips' or 'FIxed match tips' and more. Stay away from them. You can find some genuine IPL betting tips but such sites are rare.

Onlinecricketbetting.net (OCB), CricViz, Betfair blog, and ESPNcricinfo are the websites that we recommend for genuine and completely free advice on what may happen in IPL matches.

Out of all of these, OCB is our favorite. It is a website that is focused on cricket betting and covers every single aspect of it. You can find the best betting sites, answers on how to get started, as well as betting tips and recommendations for every single cricket match of note around the world. The site has grown big enough that it also is able to negotiate exclusive bonuses and offers for its readers. Well worth a look for anyone interested in cricket betting or even just cricket!

Advantages that Online Betting Sites offer

There are some clear advantages of betting on IPL matches from the comfort of your home:

Safety - The best websites like Betway and ComeOn are licensed and registered with some of the best gaming commissions in the world. They have a rock-solid record of paying out on time and have too much to lose by committing any sort of scandal. The biggest online betting sites are safer than many banks around the world.

Transparency - Everything is laid out clearly in front of you when you want to place your bets. The odds change in real-time so you know exactly what your potential return is at every single time you bet. The confirmation of your transaction is given instantly and the money is credited to your betting account as soon as your bet is settled.

Privacy - You never have to meet anyone or interact with anyone during the entire process. The betting websites use state-of-the-art technology and encryption to keep your data safe. Betting on cricket cannot get more discreet than this!

Increased Awareness

You may have seen brands like Betway, ComeON, and Parimatch advertise during the IPL 2020 edition. These are all major sports betting brands that are now focussing on India as one of their primary markets.

This is a huge shift and their advertising money is going to translate into a big shift towards online betting. Also, as more and more people experience this for themselves, they will share it with their friends and family. The word of mouth recommendation is the strongest one of all!

IPL 2021, back in India and hopefully with crowds, could just be the boost that the online betting websites need to really make inroads into the betting market. Further down the line, this could also lead to a change in the law and regularization of online sports betting that will allow Indian companies to compete as well.

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