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The Dog Olympics specifically meant for doggies and dog lovers

Amongst the craze of the Olympics and Paralympics, no one is leaving man's best friend out of the fun

A dog sitting near the Olympic logo

Dog Olympics(source-USA Today)


C.C. Chengappa

Updated: 27 Aug 2021 8:00 AM GMT

Dog's have been seen at the Paralympics recently helping their masters around faithfully. However, they are not excluded from having all the fun that humans have. There are several major events held around the world that cater to the sporting side of dogs.

After all, why should sports be restricted only to two legged creatures. We take a look at some of the events and competitions that take place in different corners of the world.

Dog Frisbee

The tag team of a dog and a human compete to catch a frisbee at certain distances. Points are given based on the length of the distance that is reached. The freestyle event in this category looks at a certain choreographed tune or dance moves that are judged based on the routine and coordination.

Sheep Herding

The classic judge of a dog's organisation and leadership skills. Sheep herding involves a group of sheep that are to be led from Point A to Point B by a dog. The entire contingent is expected to navigate obstacles and reach the particular point that is expected of them.


Dogs are expected to track down certain objects using their nose and powerful sense of smell. The item or object to track could even be a person and the trail is a long one for the dog to navigate. The trail for certain dogs is up to 500 yards and for other dogs is about double the length with an extended preparatory time.


The classic obstacle course in which dogs are expected to jump, turn, duck and weave their way through obstacles. The entire course is built like an equestrian course for dogs with the dog owner running alongside the dog to guide them with actions and sounds.


There are several events held around the world and the Dog Olympics are not confined to any one location. One famous event is the ECF European Championships held in England every year.
The other events are North Carolina State University Dog Olympics held as a community event. It involves all the events such as frisbee throwing, obstacle courses, Longest Tail award and other such team and individual events.
The Woofstock Festival is another major event held in Virgina. The event is not specifically competitive and is mostly for fun. The events include duck fishing, pet trick competition, fun obstacle courses and a lot more.

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