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China accused of spying on athletes ahead of the 2022 Beijing Olympics

As per reports, the non-optional MY2022 Olympics app is recording and sending audio of attendees to Chinese servers.

The MY2022 Olympics app is being used to spy on athletes by Chinese servers. (Source: BBC)

The MY2022 Olympics app is being used to spy on athletes by Chinese servers. (Source: BBC)


Soumya Bontra

Published: 29 Jan 2022 8:00 AM GMT

According to a researcher, the mandatory Beijing 2022 Olympics app for athletes and their staff is reportedly collecting and sending sounds to Chinese servers.

AppleInsider researcher, Jonathan Scott in his report said that the MY2022 Olympics app is capable of spying on the Olympians and other attendees by sending their audios to Chinese servers to be analyzed.

The MY2022 Olympics app is mandatory for all athletes and people attending the 2022 Winter Olympics which is being held in Beijing. According to the organizers, the app is designed to help curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus and also one platform information on events, weather, travel and points of interest.

Even though the App Store listings assert that the Olympics app doesn't collect data, Jonathan's report begs to differ. The app doesn't employ exploits or security holes. Instead, it actively listens to the audio and sends it to servers based in China, said the report.

Amidst all the controversies surrounding the event, including China using fake snow; the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is set to begin on February 4, later followed by the 2022 Winter Paralympics.

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