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'2024 Enhanced Games!': Olympics for doping athletes being planned

In a bizarre development, a London-based businessman is creating a sort of 'World Doping Games' only for athletes who have taken banned substances.

2024 Enhanced Games!: Olympics for doping athletes being planned

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Updated: 26 Jun 2023 12:01 PM GMT

Aaron D'Souza is sure if he builds it they will come. Not ghostly baseball players but athletes of another sort. Those who compete with an edge.

The Australia-born, London-based businessman is president of the Enhanced Games, a sort of Olympics without drug testing which he says “will obliterate all the world records” by “unlocking human potential.”

The Enhanced Games has its own website, featuring a video that purports to show the “fastest man in the world.”

“He has broken Usain Bolt's 100m record. He has unlocked his body's true athletic potential,” the website says. “But the world isn't ready for him. “The Olympics hate him. He has been vilified. He will be vindicated.”

The website invites fans to “come watch him compete at the 2024 Enhanced Games.”

It accuses the International Olympic Committee of vilifying “enhanced athletes” and lists “enhanced” world records rejected by the IOC.

“Each Olympiad another cohort of brave athletes sets new world records only to have their medals revoked, their careers suspended and their names dragged through the mud,” the website says. “It is time to end this oppressive cycle.”

Criticism of 'Enhanced Games'

Critics already are lining up to condemn the Enhanced Games, including the Australian Olympic Committee, which called the idea “dangerous and irresponsible."

“We know next to nothing about this organization but sport needs to be clean and it needs to be safe for all athletes,” AOC chief executive Matt Carroll said on Monday.

“The Australian Olympic Committee believes the concept of a drug enhanced games is both dangerous and irresponsible. The Olympic movement is devoted to clean sport and athletic excellence, celebrating the best in humanity, excellence, friendship and respect.”

'Morally correct'

D'Souza says the concept is “morally correct.”

The games will comprise five categories — track and field, swimming, weightlifting, gymnastics and combat sports. The time and venue of the games have yet to be announced.

“We want natural and we welcome enhanced athletes,” D'Souza told the Australian Associated Press.

“And I hope that the bold, natural athlete shows up to the games and says, Hey guys I'm natural, I'm still WADA compliant and I'm going to beat all you guys' - that is going to be great television.”

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