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How much will Indian athletes earn from winning an Olympic medal in Tokyo?

A list of a few state governments that have increased the monetary incentives for medal winners hailing from their state

How much will Indian athletes earn from winning an Olympic medal in Tokyo?

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Updated: 16 July 2021 1:01 PM GMT

The prize money given to athletes for winning international accolades has risen over the past few decades. Several Indian state governments have recognized the contributions of their athletes in various capacities and have duly set out the criteria for earning monetary packages for accolades won while representing India. Individuals such as Abhinav Bindra, PV Sindhu, and Vijender Singh were all duly awarded for their medal-winning performances at the Olympics. The sports ministry also has a separate cash prize for medal winners. Gold medallists are awarded 75 lakh, silver medallists are given 50 lakh and bronze medallists are awarded 35 lakh. Here is the list of monetary incentives of a few notable states across India.


The prize money has been significantly increased by the government. Olympic gold medallists will now be awarded a total of 3 crores. Silver medallists will be given 2 crores while bronze medallists will be awarded 1 crore. The government also increased the prize money of the Asian Games in a similar ratio.


Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar took the initiative last year to give a massive monetary incentive to the numerous Haryana athletes who were aiming for the Olympics. Gold medallists were to be paid 6 crores, silver medallists would be given 4 crores and bronze medallists would be given 1.5 crores for their achievements. To add to this, all medallists would be given a job in the Haryana Civil Service or Haryana Police.


Rana Gurmit Singh Sodhi announced the new cash incentives for Olympic representative's from Punjab last month. 2.25 crores would be given to gold medallists, 1.5 crores to silver medallists, and 1 crore to bronze medallists. The state has around 26 athletes heading to the Olympics this year and is one of the highest across India. A monetary boost of Rs. 5 lakhs has also been given to all athletes for their qualification.


Back in 2016, Chief Minister Siddaramiah announced that there would be a significant increase in prize money for Olympic Medal winners at Tokyo 2020. The prize money was 5 crores for a gold medal, 3 crores for silver and 2 crores for a bronze medal.

Badminton Star PV Sindhu was awarded cash prizes from various state governments.

5)Uttar Pradesh

Yogi Adityanath announced the rise in cash prizes for Olympic Medal winners last year. The order of money was 6 crores, 4 crores and 2 crores for Gold Silver and Bronze respectively. A monetary boost of 10 lakh would also be given to athletes from UP who were taking part in the Olympics. Besides, any player who wins a gold medal in any team event will be awarded INR 3 crore.


Manipur will award a total of 1.2 crore to the players from the state who win gold and 1 crore to the ones to bag silver. Moreover the bronze medallists will be handed a total of 76 lakhs.

7)Tamil Nadu

The incentive-based scheme of the state also involves an allotment of a plot of land for medal-winning athletes. The cash prize is 3 crores for a gold medal, 2 crore for a silver medal, and 1 crore for a bronze medal.

8) Gujarat

The players from Gujarat who clinch a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics will be awarded a prize money of 5 crores.

9) Jharkhand

The players from Jharkhand who win a gold medal will be awarded 2 crores, while the silver and bronze medallist will get 1 crore and 75 lakhs respectively.

10) Odisha

Any athlete from Odisha who wins a gold will be awarded with INR. 6 crores by the Odisha government. The silver and bronze medallists will pocket 4 crores and 2.5 crores respectively.

11) West Bengal

The West Bengal government will award amount ranging from 25 lakhs to 10 lakhs to anyone from the state who wins a medal.

12) Delhi

The players from Delhi who win a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics will get a total of 3 crores. While the silver and bronze medallists will get 2 crores and 1 crore respectively.

13) Maharashtra

The Maharashtra government will award 1 crore to anyone from the state who wins a gold, while the silver and bronze medallists will get 75 lakhs and 50 lakhs respectively.
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