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What is Olympic Day and why is it celebrated across the world?

Olympic Day has a special significance for sports enthusiasts and for those who look towards fostering the Olympic Spirit

The Olympic Rings at Tokyo Bay

The Olympic Rings at Tokyo Bay


C.C. Chengappa

Updated: 23 Jun 2021 5:41 AM GMT

World Olympic Day is celebrated on 23rd June every year all across the world. It was initially held in order to allow for awareness and recognition of Olympic Sports that are held every four years. This is also in honor of the inception of the Modern Olympic Games and its founder Pierre de Coubertin.

The first Olympic Day was celebrated on 23rd June, 1948. The International Olympic Committee President Sigfrid Edstrom brought out the initiative which was subsequently celebrated in countries such as England, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Greece amongst others. Subsequently, numerous other countries took it up as well.

The incorporation of an official Olympic Day came into the IOC charter in 1978. It mandated the celebration of an Olympic Day by all National Olympic Committees around the world. The aim was to promote the Olympic spirit and foster the growth of sports associated with the Olympics. This has gradually evolved into an Olympic Run that is held every year to mark the day and spread awareness. The number of participating and organizing countries has grown tremendously from when the first run was held back in 1987.

The modern-day version of Olympic Day has also seen activities organized for children, incorporation of Olympic awareness in the school curriculum, development programs with athletes in communities, and several such initiatives. This has helped promote the Games in a major way by helping children achieve their goals and also spreading awareness on the benefits of sports by roping in athletes to inspire children and meet their idols.

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