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Check out the daily jobs of these athletes who are taking part at Tokyo Olympics

Here are some of the Olympians who have a whole different career apart from their Olympics dream

Paula Rodriguez karate player and Firefighter

Paula Rodriguez karate player and Firefighter


Kalptaru Agarwal

Updated: 23 March 2022 12:01 PM GMT

The craze for the Tokyo Olympics is at its all time high with the biggest upsets, thriller matches and exciting finishes, athletes from all over the world have shown their mettle at the quadrennial world sporting event. But what if those athletes' journey is not restricted to sports and have a day job just like you? Fascinating, right. Here are some of the short stories of all such players who have mastered the management of time and they balance all other work in their life:

1. Lynda Kiejko, Canada's pistol shooter

A strong shooter from Canada, Kiejko works as a civil engineer at the power transmission company Altalink besides her all time favorite sports of shooting. Her first appearance was at the 2016 Olympics and she made a return at the Tokyo Olympics as well.

2. Ana Rente, Portuguese trampoline gymnast

The 33-year old Rente is a doctor by profession but by her love for the game, she competed at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, 2012 London Olympics and a third appearance at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

3. Jared Ward, Marathon Runner

You must have met a lot of math professors but this academician is an extraordinary talent who competed at the 2016 Olympics in marathon representing the United States of America.

4. Paula Rodriguez, Karate champ

Serving her nation in two locations, Paula is the real patriot from Spain who serves in the military as a firefighter. She balances out her ambition for Olympics and her work makes her an inspiration for many.

5. Gavin Sutherland, Archer

A Zimbabwean star archer who is a builder by profession made his first appearance at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

6. Nathalie Marchino, Rugby player

This is an interesting lady from Columbia who worked as a sales account manager for Twitter when she first competed at the 2016 Olympics. She now has changed her job and works with the company named Figma.

7. Scott Evans, Shuttler

Another motivation for you to all to balance your entrepreneurial life and passion is Scoot Evans from Ireland. The Irish Shuttler runs a clothing brand named Hosbjerg based in Denmark with his partner, Camilla Hosbjerg. A badminton player by ambition and fashion entrepreneur by profession.

8. Lanni Marchant, Marathon Runner

The first Canadian to run both the marathon and the 10,000-meter race, Marchant is a champion in life. She works as a criminal defense attorney in the US but leaves no stone unturned to give a sparkling performance.

9. Kazuki Yazawa, Canoe Slalom

A Buddhist priest Yazawa competed in the 2008, 2012 and 2016 Olympic games in the Canoe Slalom event.

10. Paul Adams, shooter

This male nurse from Australia manages his passion of shooting as he competed in the 2016 Rio and is now participating at the Tokyo Olympics.

All such athlete stand true to the principle "manage your time" and "balance your life."

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