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Handball federation officials agree to work together

Handball federation officials agree to work together


Updated: 15 Sep 2021 11:38 AM GMT

The president and secretary general of Handball Federation of India (HFI) on Sunday decided to bury the hatchet after a public fallout and work together for the betterment of the sport in the country. HFI president M Ramasubramani had a few days ago suspended secretary general Anandeshwar Pandey on the ground that many members had filed complaints of wrongdoings against him. Pandey had termed the suspension "illegal" and denied the allegations.

But in an Emergent Executive Committee meeting here, the two top functionaries decided to move on and work together. Out of the 20 EC members, 15 were present in the (physical) meeting while two took part online. However, president Ramasubramani was not present. In his absence, vice-president G Suresh Pillai chaired the meeting. Pandey said Ramasubramani agreed to his appeal of working together for the development of handball in India.

"The president agreed to work within the parameters of HFI Constitution. There is no place of vendetta and there should be cohesive work environment in HFI," Pandey said in a release. "I also proposed myself that no action should be taken against the president and the House unanimously agreed." The meeting was attended by Indian Olympic Association observer Abhijeet Sarkar in person and Bader Mohammad Al Thayeb from International Handball Federation via the zoom video, according to Pandey.

Pandey said the EC also decided to suspend its former CEO S M Bali for six years for his "prolonged anti-federation activities". Pandey said the EC also rejected the letters issued by Ramasubramani to set up a committee to inquire into the complaints and allegations against him.

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