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National Games

National Games 2023: VK Elakkiyadasan and SS Sneha crowned fastest athletes

Karnataka bagged five gold medals as five new meet records were set on the first day of the aquatic competition at the National Games in Goa.

VK Elakkiyadasan Athletics

VK Elakkiyadasan (In black outfit)


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Updated: 30 Oct 2023 6:03 AM GMT

VK Elakkiyadasan of Tamil Nadu and SS Sneha of Karnataka were crowned the fastest athletes at the 37th National Games after they clinched the men’s and women’s 100m gold medals at the GMC Bambolim Athletic Stadium on Sunday. Maharashtra became the first contingent to cross the 100-medals mark.

Elakkiyadasan clinched the gold medal with a timing of 10.36 seconds ahead of Pranav Gurav of Maharashtra, who clocked 10.41s. SSCB’s Saurabh Rajesh won the bronze with a timing of 10.45s.

In the women’s category, SS Sneha of Karnataka won the gold medal, clocking 11.45s. She edged experienced Srabani Nanda of Odisha. R Giridharani of Tamil Nadu won the bronze with a timing of 11.58 sec.

Five Games records were broken on the opening day of the swimming competition, with Karnataka’s Srihari Natraj winning two gold medals at the Campal Swimming Pool. Olympian Srihari was the first to lower the Games mark on Sunday with a timing of 1:49.09s in 200m freestyle, pushing Sajan Prakash of Kerala (1:51.10s) to second spot while Aneesh Gowda of Karnataka finished third with a time of 1: 52.18s.

Srihari then bagged his second gold in the 4x100 relay event, with the Karnataka team also comprising Gowda, Sambhavv R and Prithvi M winning the gold medal, clocking a time of 3:26.88s. Tamil Nadu (3:28.46) and Maharashtra (3:28.72) won the silver and bronze respectively.

Kerala’s Sajan Prakash was the only one to stop the Karnataka juggernaut, winning the men’s 100m butterfly with a new National Games mark. Sajan, who had won five gold, two silver and a bronze in the previous National Games, clocked a timing of 53.79s to finish ahead of Maharashtra’s Mihir Ambre (54.32s) and B Benediction Rohit (55.00) of Tamil Nadu.

In the women’s section, Karnataka’s Nina Venkatesh also bettered the National Games mark, clocking 1:02.22 sec in the 100m butterfly. Astha Choudhary of Assam clinched the silver medal with a time of 1:04.21 and Shristy Upadhaya (1:04.24s) of Odisha took home the bronze.

The inclusion of Pencak Silat in the National Games has helped Goa showcase its best-ever performance in the National Games. Goa secured one Gold and eight bronze medals on the final day of Pencak Silat competitions which were held here at the Campal Sports Village.

Goa won a total of one gold, one Silver and 14 bronze medals from Pencak Silat taking their total tally of medals to 26 which is 17 more than what the state managed to secure in the previous edition.

Maharashtra topped the standings in Pencak Silat with seven gold, five silver and five bronze to bolster their medals tally. They have also won 12 gold in gymnastics, 10 in Modern Pentathlon, nine in Mallakhamb and three in weightlifting.

In the final categories of weightlifting at the Campal Sports Village, Purnima Pandey of Uttar Pradesh clinched the gold medal in the 87+ Women’s, lifting a total weight of 222 Kg. Kerala’s Ann Mariya M.T. secured the silver with a total lift of 206 Kg and Yogita Khedkar of Maharashtra took the bronze lifting 198 Kg. In the final event of the weightlifting competition, in the men's 109+ category, Vipan Kumar of SSCB won the gold lifting an aggregate weight of 348 Kg. Tamil Nadu’s S. Rudramayan won the silver medal with a total lift of 343kg and the bronze medal was secured by Gagandeep Gill of Punjab who lifted a total of 339 Kg.

Table Tennis action

Table Tennis also got underway at the Campal Multipurpose Indoor Stadium with the team matches starting on Sunday. In the Men’s category, West Bengal beat Haryana 3-0 in Group A, while Maharashtra beat hosts Goa 3-0. In Group B, Delhi edged out Telangana 3-2 while Uttar Pradesh also beat Assam with an identical score line.

In the Women’s category, West Bengal beat Tamil Nadu 3-0 with Indian international Mouma Das winning her match against Selena Selvakumar in Group B. In the other match of the group, Madhya Pradesh defeated Goa 3-0. In Group A, Maharashtra beat Haryana 3-1, with Diya Chitale winning her match against fellow international Suhana Saini. In the other match of the group, Delhi beat Karnataka 3-2. In the second round of Group B, West Bengal beat Madhya Pradesh 3-2 for their second win.

Important Results:


100 M Women

Gold – S.S Sneha (Karnataka) – 11.45 s

Silver – Srabani Nanda (Odisha) – 11.50 s

Bronze – R. Giridharani (Tamil Nadu) – 11.58 s

100 M Men

Gold – V.K Elakkiyadasan (Tamil Nadu) – 10.36 s

Silver – Gurav Pranav (Maharashtra) – 10.41 s

Bronze – Saurabh Rajesh (Services) – 10.45 s

5000 M

Gold – Gulveer Singh (Services) – 14.13.03 s

Silver – Gavit Murli Kumar (Gujarat) – 14.13.14 s

Bronze – Ajay Kumar (Goa) – 14.13.33 s

High Jump Men

Gold - J. Aadarsh Ram (Tamil Nadu) – 2.14 m

Silver – V. Bharathi (SSCB) – 2.14 m

Bronze – Swadhin Kumar Majhi (Odisha) – 2.08 m

Discus Throw Women

Gold – Seema Punia (Uttar Pradesh) – 52.51 m

Silver – Nidhi (Haryana) – 51.69 m

Bronze – Neetika Verma (Uttar Pradesh) – 51.27 m

10000 M Women

Gold – Seema (Himachal Pradesh) – 33.20.75 s

Silver – Sanjivani Jadhav (Maharashtra) – 33.32.27 s

Bronze – Poonam Sonune (Maharashtra) – 34.29.71 s


200 M Freestyle Men

Gold – Srihari Nataraj (Karnataka) – 1.49.09 s (NGR)

Silver – Sajan Prakash (Kerala) – 1.51.10 s

Bronze – S. Aneesh Gowda (Karnataka) – 1.52.18 s

200 M Freestyle Women

Gold – Dhinidhi Desinghu (Karnataka) – 2.07.32 s

Silver – Sanjana M. Prabhugaonkar (Goa) – 2.09.60 s

Bronze – Vritti Agarwal (Telangana) – 2.09.42 s

100 M Butterfly Men

Gold – Sajan Prakash (Kerala) – 53.79 s (NGR)

Silver – Mihir Ambre (Maharashtra) – 54.32 s

Bronze – Rohit B. Benedicton (Tamil Nadu) – 55.00 s

100 M Butterfly Women

Gold – Nina Venkatesh (Karnataka) – 1.02.22 s (NGR)

Silver – Astha Choudhury (Assam) – 1.04.21 s

Bronze – Shristy Upadhaya (Odisha) – 1.04.24 s

4x100 Freestyle Relay Men

Gold – Karnataka – 3.26.88 s (NMR)

(Sambhavv R, Prithvi M, Aneesh S. Gowda, Srihari Nataraj)

Silver – Tamil Nadu – 3.28.46 s

(Sathya Sai Krishnan, P. Vikkas, Pavan Gupta M.S, B. Benedicton Rohit)

Bronze – Maharashtra – 3.28.72 s

(Meet Makhija, Mihir Ambre, Rishabh Das, Virdhawal Khade)

4x100 Freestyle Relay Women

Gold – Karnataka – 3.59.53 s (NGR)

(Harshika Ramachandra, Shalini R. Dixit, Nina Venkatesh, Dhinidhi Desinghu)

Silver – Maharashtra – 3.59.68 s

(Palak Joshi, Aditi Hegde, Avantika Chawan, Rujuta Khade)

Bronze – Assam – 4.03.38 s

(Astha Choudhury, Subhranshini Priyadarshini, Jahnabi Kashyap, Shivangi Sharma)


Women’s 87+ Kg

Gold – Purnima Pandey (Uttar Pradesh) – Snatch – 100 Kg, Clean & Jerk – 122 Kg, Total – 222 Kg

Silver – Ann Mariya M.T (Kerala) – Snatch – 89 Kg, Clean & Jerk – 118 Kg, Total – 206 Kg

Bronze – Yogita Khedkar (Maharashtra) – Snatch – 89 Kg, Clean & Jerk – 109 Kg, Total – 198 Kg

Men’s 109+ Kg

Gold – Vipan Kumar (SSCB) – Snatch-156 Kg, Clean & Jerk-192 Kg, Total- 348 Kg

Silver – S. Rudramayan (Tamil Nadu) – Snatch-160 Kg, Clean & Jerk-183 Kg, Total – 343 Kg

Bronze – Gagandeep Gill (Punjab) – Snatch-147 Kg, Clean & Jerk-192 Kg, Total- 339 Kg

Table Tennis

Men’s Team Group Stage

Group A: West Bengal bt Haryana 3-0, Maharashtra bt Goa 3-0, West Bengal bt Goa – 3-0

Group B: Delhi bt Telangana – 3-2, Uttar Pradesh bt Assam – 3-2, Delhi bt Uttar Pradesh – 3-1, Assam bt Telangana – 3-1

Women’s Team Group Stage

Group A: Maharashtra bt Haryana – 3-1, Delhi bt Karnataka 3-2, Haryana bt Karnataka – 3-0, Haryana bt Karnataka – 3-0, Maharashtra bt Delhi – 3-0, Haryana bt Delhi – 3-2

Group B: Madhya Pradesh bt Goa – 3-0, West Bengal bt Tamil Nadu – 3-0, West Bengal bt Madhya Pradesh- 3-2, West Bengal bt Goa – 3-0, Madhya Pradesh bt Tamil Nadu – 3-1

Pencak Silat

Men’s Tanding 65-70 Kg

Gold – Saliq Farooq (Jammu & Kashmir)

Silver – Nav Singh (Punjab)

Bronze – Mohd. Irfan Khan (Goa)

Suraj Gora (Rajasthan)

Women’s Tanding Class 75-80 Kg

Gold – Ritu (Chandigarh)

Silver – Jewti Boro (Assam)

Bronze – Chole Futardo (Goa)

Raksha Maurya (Delhi)

Women’s Tanding 65-70 Kg

Gold – Sanasam Chanu (Manipur)

Silver – Muskaan Shaban (Jammu & Kashmir)

Bronze – Asha Naik (Goa)

Khem Pradhan (Assam)

Men’s Tanding 70-75 Kg

Gold – Suraj Kumar (Delhi)

Silver – Omkar Abhang (Maharashtra)

Bronze – Mohammed Imran (Jammu & Kashmir)

Sunny Singh (Jharkhand)

Men’s Tanding 75-80 Kg

Gold – Mukeet Ellahi (Jammu & Kashmir)

Silver – Asif Ali (Madhya Pradesh)

Bronze – Ganpatrao Desai (Goa)

Vikram Bhasin (Delhi)

Men’s Tanding 80-85 Kg

Gold – Ravi Choudhary (Rajasthan)

Silver – Loveneet Sandotra (Punjab)

Bronze –Arsalan Reshr (Jammu & Kashmir), D.N.V Ratnambabu (Andhra Pradesh)

Women’s Tanding 80-85 Kg

Gold – Kareena Shirodkar (Goa)

Silver – Jiya Choudhary (Jammu & Kashmir)

Bronze – Kriti Gussain (Uttarakhand), Lalita (Haryana)

Men’s Tanding 85-90 Kg

Gold – Mahendra Swami (Madhya Pradesh)

Silver – Anuj Sarnaik (Maharashtra)

Bronze – Sagar Palconda (Goa), Rakesh Kumar (Delhi)

Men’s Tanding 90-95 Kg

Gold – Kitenlo Thono (Nagaland)

Silver – Akashdeep (Punjab)

Bronze – Siraj Khan (Goa), Piyush Shukla (Maharashtra)

Men’s Tanding Open 95-110 Kg

Gold – Suhaib Jeelani (Jammu & Kashmir)

Silver - Sachin – Haryana

Bronze – Rohitash Kumar (Rajasthan), Shubham Baloni (Uttar Pradesh)

Women’s Tanding Open 85-100 Kg

Gold – Bhakti Killedar (Maharashtra)

Silver – M.S Athira (Kerala)

Bronze – Shalini Singh (Uttar Pradesh), Muskan Iqbal (Jammu & Kashmir)

Men’s Tanding Open Above 110 Kg

Gold – Chirag Yagnic (Haryana)

Silver – Mohd. Islam Khan (Rajasthan)

Bronze – Areed Imtiyaz (Jammu & Kashmir), Sunil Kumar (Delhi)

Women Tanding Open Above 110 Kg

Gold – Aqsa Gulzar (Jammu & Kashmir)

Silver – Baljit Kaur (Punjab)

Bronze – Anjeet Kaur (Rajasthan), Nirmal Stuti (Delhi)


Men’s Foil Team

Gold – SSCB

Silver – Manipur

Bronze – Gujarat, Haryana

Women’s Epee Team

Gold – Haryana

Silver – Chattisgarh

Bronze – Manipur. Madhya Pradesh

Women’s Football

Pool A: Tamil Nadu bt Jharkhand – 3-1, West Bengal bt Manipur – 3-0

Beach Football Men’s

Pool A: Kerala bt Lakshadweep – 11-3

Water Polo


Karnataka bt Assam – 20-0

West Bengal bt Haryana – 29-1

Kerala bt Delhi – 23-1


Punjab bt Haryana – 16-6

Karnataka bt Manipur – 18-11


3M Spring Board Men

Gold – H. London Singh (SSCB)

Silver – Surajit Rajbanshi (SSCB)

Bronze – Satish Kumar Prajapati (Uttar Pradesh)

Billiards & Snooker

League Matches

15 Red Snooker (Men)

Shailendra Dangwal (Uttarakhand) bt Raja Ram (Rajasthan) - 3-0

Rajat Khaneja (Haryana) bt Umar Ul Islam (Jammu & Kashmir) - 3-1

Ananth Acharyullu (Andhra Pradesh) bt Shreyash Ajay Pednekar (Goa) - 3-0

Mushtaque Khan (Telangana) bt Tushar Sahay (Gujarat) - 3-1

I.H. Manudev (Karnataka) bt Anuj Uppal (Delhi) - 3-2

Partibha Rajendran (Tamil Nadu) bt Dhruv Verma (Punjab) - 3-1

Sparsh Pherwani (Maharashtra) bt Lalrina Renthlei (Mizoram) – 3-2

Felix V James (Kerala) bt Syed Suhaeb Parvez (Puducherry) - 3-1

Ashutosh Padhy (Odisha) bt Anurag Giri (MP) - 3-2

Aditya P Shukla (Chattisgarh) bt Krishna P Barad (Goa) - 3-2

Syed Suhaeb Parvez (Puducherry) bt Khem Chand (Himachal Pradesh) - 3-0

Md Akram Khan(West Bengal) bt Anish Parikh (Jharkhand) - 3-2

Paras Gupta (Uttar Pradesh) bt Ranveer Duggal (Chandigarh) - 3-2

Khem Chand (Himachal Pradesh) Beat Felix V James (Kerala) - 3-0

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