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National Games 2023: Maharashtra continue their domination in Gymnastics

Sanyukta Kale of Maharashtra and Pranati Nayak of Odisha secured a gold medal each at the National Games in Goa.

Yogeshwar Singh and Sanyukta Kale Gymnastics

Gymnasts Yogeshwar Singh and Sanyukta Kale


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Updated: 28 Oct 2023 5:40 AM GMT

Sanyukta Kale of Maharashtra and Pranati Nayak of Odisha hogged the limelight in gymnastics at the 37th National Games in Goa by securing their third gold medals on Friday.

Maharashtra also dominated the Modern Pentathlon medal tally with five gold.

Rhythmic gymnast Sanyukta bagged her third gold medal and Rahil Pakhle clinched the women’s trampoline gold as Maharashtra dominated the gymnastic events at the Peddem Indoor Sports Complex on Friday.

Sanyukta, who had earlier won the rhythmic team and all-round gold medals, clinched the hoop gold to make it three out of three at the Games. Artistic gymnast, Pranati Nayak, who won gold in the individual all-round category on Thursday, topped the podium in vaulting table and uneven bars to take her individual tally to three golds.

Later, Yogeshwar Singh of Haryana won his second gold medal at the Games, winning the men’s floor exercise competition. Manipur won two golds in gymnastics while Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh opened their gold medal tally in the sport.

Maharashtra, meanwhile, made a clean sweep of the Triathle event of Modern Pentathlon winning all five gold medals on offer. Mayank Chaphekar and Dolly Patil won three gold medals each.


At the Campal Sports Village, Nitek Jangid of Rajasthan clinched the first gold for his state with a total lift of 317kg in the Men’s 81kg weightlifting competition. Valluri Ajay Babu of Madhya Pradesh won the silver medal, lifting 312 kg while Abhishek Nipane of Maharashtra won bronze with a total lift of 309kg.

In the women’s 71kg category, Punjab’s Harijinder Kaur lifted an aggregate weight of 201kg on her way to securing the gold medal. Trupti Mane of Maharashtra finished a distant second with a total lift of 190 Kg and Manipur’s P. Umeshwori Devi secured bronze with a total lift of 189 Kg.

In the Men’s 89kg category, all three medallists were decided on fine margins as just two kilograms separated the gold and bronze medal winners. Gaurav of Chandigarh secured gold with a total lift of 319kg, overcoming P.S Marush of SSCB by a single kilogram who settled for a silver medal. Amarjit Guru of Punjab lifted an impressive 317kg but had to settle for bronze.

At the Campal Indoor Stadium, Haryana completed a clean sweep in Netball winning all four gold medals on offer. In the Men’s Fast 5 finals, Haryana beat hosts Goa 33-22 while the women beat Punjab 40-15 to complete the clean sweep.

Odisha defend women's rugby title

Odisha beat Bihar 12-7 to defend their title in Women’s Rugby 7s while Haryana beat Maharashtra 14-0 to win the men's gold which was held at Athletics Stadium, Bambolim. Odisha beat Maharashtra 10-0 to win the bronze in the men’s category while West Bengal beat Maharashtra 12-10 to win the bronze in the women’s category.

At the Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Indoor Stadium, Punjab won the gold medal in the Women’s Sabre Team event. In the final, Kerala were leading 27-24, but an injury to Josna Christy Jose forced Kerala to forfeit the match and settle for the silver. Tamil Nadu and Haryana secured the bronze medals.

In Men’s Individual Sabre, K.P Gishonidhi of SSCB beat Karan Singh of Rajasthan to win the gold. Abhay Shinde of Maharashtra and Gorakh Nath Yadav of Uttar Pradesh won the bronze medals.

In Men’s Epee Individual, Sunil Kumar won the gold beating S. Sherin Rajendran of Tamil Nadu. The bronze medals were won by Girish Jakate of Maharashtra and Pankaj Kumar Sharma of SSCB.

Important Results:


Women’s 71 Kg

Gold – Harjinder Kaur (Punjab) – Snatch – 88 Kg, Clean & Jerk – 113 Kg, Total – 201 Kg

Silver – Trupti Mane (Maharashtra) – Snatch – 87 Kg, Clean & Jerk – 103 Kg, Total – 190 Kg

Bronze – P. Umeshwori Devi (Manipur) – Snatch – 85 Kg, Clean & Jerk – 104 Kg, Total – 189 Kg

Men’s 81 Kg

Gold – Nitek Jangid (Rajasthan) – Snatch-138 Kg, Clean & Jerk-179 Kg, Total- 317 Kg

Silver – Valluri Ajaya Babu (Madhya Pradesh) – Snatch-142 Kg, Clean & Jerk-173 Kg, Total – 312 Kg

Bronze – Abhishek Nipane (Maharashtra) – Snatch-136 Kg, Clean & Jerk-173 Kg, Total- 309 Kg

Men’s 89 Kg

Gold – Gaurav (Chandigarh) - Snatch-140 Kg, Clean & Jerk-179 Kg, Total- 319 Kg

Silver – P.S Marush (SSCB) -Snatch-144 Kg, Clean & Jerk-174 Kg, Total- 318 Kg

Bronze – Amarjit Guru (Punjab) Snatch-143 Kg, Clean & Jerk-174 Kg, Total-317 Kg

Women’s 76 Kg

Gold – Vandana Gupta (Uttar Pradesh) – Snatch-91 Kg, Clean & Jerk-116 Kg, Total – 207 Kg

Silver – Harmanpreet Kaur (Punjab) – Snatch-81 Kg, Clean & Jerk – 112 Kg, Total- 193 Kg

Bronze – S. Chaoba Chanu (Manipur) – Snatch-83 Kg, Clean & Jerk – 109 Kg, Total – 192 Kg

Men’s 96 Kg

Gold – Harshad Wadekar (Maharashtra) – Snatch-148 Kg, Clean & Jerk – 186 Kg, Total – 335 Kg

Silver – Jagdish Vishakarma (SSCB) – Snatch- 147 Kg, Clean & Jerk – 186 Kg, Total – 333 Kg

Bronze – Suresh Yadav (Odisha) – Snatch – 140 Kg, Clean & Jerk – 181 Kg, Total – 321 Kg


Women’s Rhythmic Gymnastics

Hoop Final

Gold – Samyukta Prasen Kale (Maharashtra) – 26.45

Silver – Nishka Chintamani Kale (Maharashtra) – 23.45

Bronze – Life Adlakha (Haryana) – 23.35

Women’s Trampoline Gymnastics

Gold – Rahi Nitin Pakhle (Maharashtra) – 43.88

Silver – Sejal Suhas Jadhav (Maharashtra) – 41.20

Bronze – Anvitha Sachin (Kerala) – 40.70

Aerobic Gymnastics

Individual Men

Gold - Meet Preshbhai Kosambia (Gujarat) – 18.90

Silver – Arya Pavan Shah (Maharashtra) – 18.45

Bronze – Nilay Biswas (West Bengal) – 16.60

Individual Women

Gold – Ariha Pangambam (Manipur) – 17.60

Silver – Majida Khatun (West Bengal) – 17.20

Bronze – Sakshi Makarand Dongre (Maharashtra) – 16.95

Mixed Pair

Gold – Adwait Amol Vaze, Radha Mahesh Soni (Maharashtra) – 16.35

Silver – Abdul Hamid Chowdhury, Sahina Gupta (West Bengal) – 15.95

Bronze – Nishant Rajendra Chauhan, Prakruti Kamal Shinde (Gujarat) – 15.30

Trio Final

Gold – Anjori Pangambam, Ariha Pangambam, Leishilembi Chagungbam (Manipur) – 17.22

Silver – Arya Pavan Shah, Smit Pavan Shah, Uday Ashok Madhekar (Maharashtra) – 17.10

Bronze – Anikate Tapan Chakraborty, Joney Kumar, Sandeep Chand Ramola (SSCB) – 16.75

Group Final

Gold – Maharashtra – 16.60

Silver – Jammu and Kashmir – 16.65

Bronze – Gujarat – 14.86

Artistic Gymnastics

Women’s Vaulting Table

Gold – Pranati Nayak (Odisha) – 12.683

Silver – Protistha Samanta (Tripura) – 11.884

Bronze – Swastika Ganguly (West Bengal) – 11.650

Men’s Floor Exercise

Gold - Yogeshwar Singh (Haryana) – 13.200

Silver - Ruban Meitei Sanasam (Manipur) – 12.900

Bronze – Siddharth Verma (Uttar Pradesh) – 12.767

Men’s Pommel Horse

Gold – Siddharth Verma (Uttar Pradesh) – 13.300

Silver – Debang Dey (West Bengal) – 12.800

Bronze – Abhijeet Kumar (SSCB) – 12.400

Women’s Uneven Bars

Gold – Pranati Nayak (Odisha) – 11.333

Silver – Pranati Das (West Bengal) – 10.833

Bronze – Shraddha Sainath Talekar (Maharashtra) – 9.500


Men’s Fast 5

Gold Medal Match

Haryana bt Goa – 33-22

Bronze Medal Match

Karnataka tied Delhi – 35-35 (Joint Winners)

Semi-Finals: Goa bt Karnataka – 42-41, Haryana bt Delhi – 50-24

Women’s Fast 5

Gold Medal Match

Haryana bt Punjab – 40-15

Bronze Medal Match

Kerala tied Telangana – 26-26 (Joint Winners)

Semi-Finals: Punjab bt Kerala 26-25, Haryana bt Telangana – 24-17

Basketball 3x3

Women’s Semi-Finals: Telangana bt Madhya Pradesh – 22-08, Delhi bt Chattisgarh – 21-02

Men’s Semi-Finals: Rajasthan bt Madhya Pradesh – 21-18, Delhi bt Punjab – 21-13

Basketball 5x5

Men’s Semi-Finals: Tamil Nadu bt Delhi – 103-74, Punjab bt Services – 85-68

Women’s Semi-Finals – Kerala bt Tamil Nadu – 83-66, Karnataka bt Uttar Pradesh


Women’s Sabre Team

Gold – Punjab

Silver – Kerala

Bronze – Tamil Nadu, Haryana

Men’s Sabre Individual

Gold – K.P Gishonidhi (SSCB)

Silver – Karan Singh (Rajasthan)

Bronze – Abhay Shinde (Maharashtra)

Ghorakh Nath Yadav (Uttar Pradesh)

Men’s Epee Individual

Gold – Sunil Kumar (SSCB)

Silver – S. Sherjin Rajendran (Tamil Nadu)

Bronze – Girish Jakate (Maharashtra)

Pankaj Kumar Sharma (SSCB)

Modern Pentathlon

Triathle Women Team

Gold – Maharashtra

Silver – Madhya Pradesh

Bronze – Haryana

Triathle Mixed Relay

Mayank Vaibhav Chaphekar

Gold - Mayank Vaibhav Chaphekar, Dolly Devidas Patil (Maharashtra)

Silver – Aadhya Singh, Abhishek Modanwal (Madhya Pradesh)

Bronze – Khushi Borkar, Suraj Velip (Goa)

Triathle Men

Gold – Mayank Vaibhav Chaphekar (Maharashtra)

Silver – Parth Sachin Mirage (Maharashtra)

Bronze – Yash Bathre (Madhya Pradesh)

Triathle Men Team

Gold – Maharashtra

Silver – Madhya Pradesh

Bronze – Goa

Triathle Women

Gold – Dolly Devidas Patil (Maharashtra)

Silver – Aadhya Singh (Madhya Pradesh)

Bronze – Mugdhaa Wavhal (Maharashtra)

Rugby 7s

Men’s Gold Medal Match

Haryana bt Maharashtra – 14-0

Men’s Bronze Medal Match

Odisha bt Maharashtra – 10-0

Women’s Gold Medal Match

Odisha bt Bihar – 12-7

Women’s Bronze Medal Match

West Bengal bt Maharashtra 12-10

Pencak Silat

Artistic Tunggal Men’s

Gold – Krishna Panchal (Maharashtra)

Silver – Raja Das (West Bengal)

Bronze – Abhishek Gautham (Delhi). Ravees Ahamad (Jammu & Kashmir)

Artistic Tunggal Women’s

Gold – Simran (Haryana)

Silver – Kirnakshi Yewale (Maharashtra)

Bronze – Heena Kusar – (Goa), Megha Gaur (Delhi)

Artistic Regu Men

Gold – Maharashtra

Silver – Odisha

Bronze – Uttarakhand. Goa

Artistic Regu Women

Gold – Delhi

Silver – Haryana

Bronze – Nagaland. Punjab

Women’s Football

Pool A: Manipur bt Jharkhand – 5-1, Tamil Nadu drew West Bengal – 0-0

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