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National Games

National Games Round-Up: 9 games record tumble on Day 5, Ram Baboo breaks NR

Day 5 of National Games 2022 saw nine games' record tumble and Ram Baboo broke the National Record of 35km race walk.

National Games Round-Up: 9 games record tumble on Day 5, Ram Baboo breaks NR

Ram Baboo (top left), Haryana Mixed Relay Team (top right), Jyothi Yarraji (bottom left) and Amlan Borgohai (bottom right) were some of the winners on Day 5 of National Games.


The Bridge Desk

Updated: 5 Oct 2022 2:41 AM GMT

Uttar Pradesh's Ram Baboo set a National Record in Race Walk even as nine National Games records were breached in athletics and swimming in the 36th National Games here on Tuesday.

Home swimmer Maana Patel and Assam sprinter Amlan Borgohain were the stars of the day, entering the record books twice each.

Maana Patel clocked a personal best time of 26.60 seconds in the 50m Freestyle heats in the morning. Later in the evening, she improved her own Games record while winning the 200m backstroke gold in 2:19.74.

Sadly for home fans, she was beaten in the 50m Freestyle final.

Amlan Borgohain (Assam) broke the 200m mark twice, first in the heats and then in the final. Four runners cracked the 21-second barrier in the final, but there was no denying him the men's sprint double, having won the 100m dash earlier.

Amlan left the field in his wake, as he blazed from the start, sped around the curve and consolidated on the home straight to the beam in 20.55 seconds in the final.

Andhra Pradesh's Jyoti Yarraji also attained the rare double of 100m and 100m hurdles but would consider herself unlucky. She became the first Indian female to clock a sub-13 seconds time (12.79 seconds) in the hurdles but lay claim to the National Games or National record due to wind assistance above the permissible limit of 2m/s.

She had faced a similar situation in the Federation Cup in Thenhipalam, Kozhikode, earlier this year when she dipped home in 13.09 seconds but the wind reading was +2.1m/s. She, however, did one better and created the National record at 13.04 seconds in the Harry Schutling Games in the Dutch city of Vught.

At the Mahatma Mandir, Uttar Pradesh weightlifter Purnima Pandey overcame a stiff back to clinch the Women's +87kg gold. Purnima, who finished sixth at the 2022 Commonwealth Games, did enough to take the top spot on the podium with total lifts of 215kg, with 95kg in Snatch and 120kg in Clean & Jerk.

Maharashtra claimed the Kho-kho golden double, the men beating Kerala 30-26 after leading 26-10 at half-time and the women's team dashing Odisha's dream with an 18-16 win.

Manipur's archers picked up two out of the four gold medals in the Indian Bow competition, with the Men's team sharing the spoils with Okram Naobi Chanu. Okram won the single-arrow shoot-off against Gujarat's Rathva Amita Ganpatbhai after they tied in the Women's Individual 5-5. Manipur was denied a third gold by Kerala's women.

Sanyunkta Kale (Maharashtra) topped the Women's All-Around Rhythmic Gymnastics competition with 101.65 points ahead of her team-mate Richa Chordia (99.15) and Jammu and Kashmir's Saneha Dewan (74.55). It was the only medal on offer in the Women's Rhythmic Gymnastics.

At the Riverfront Sports Complex in Ahmedabad, Arjun Kadhe (Maharashtra) will meet Manish Suresh Kumar (Tamil Nadu) in the Men's Tennis Singles final while Gujarat's Zeel Desai will vie with Karnataka's Sharmada Balu for the Women's Singles crown.

In Surat, top-seeded Sai Praneeth (Telangana) and Malvika Bansod (Maharashtra) took contrasting routes to the Men's and Women's Badminton Singles respectively. Sai Praneeth beat Sathish Kumar (Tamil Nadu) in straight games while Malvika Bansod lost the opening game to Delhi's Aashi Rawat and needed to win an extended decider.

The results (final)



Men's 10m Platform: 1. Siddharth Pardeshi (Services) 322.5 points; 2. Sourav Devnath (Services) 280.65; 3. Om Awasthi (Maharashtra) 244.45.



50m Freestyle: 1. Srihari Nataraj (Karnataka) 23.42 seconds; 2. Pavan Gupta (Tamil Nadu) 23.48; 3. Rudransh Manoj Mishra (Services) 23.62.

200m Backstroke: 1. Utkarsh Patil (Karnataka) 2:05.08 (New National Games record. Old: 2:05.66, PS Madhu, Thiruvananthapuram, 2015); 2. Advait Page (Madhya Pradesh) 2:05.86; 3. S Siva (Karnataka) 2:06.29.

400m Medley: 1. Advait Page (Madhya Pradesh) 4:28.91 (New National Games Record. Old; 4:37.75, M Arvind, Thiruvananthapuram, 2015); 2. Sajan Prakash (Kerala) 4:30.09; 3. Aryan Nehra (Gujarat) 4:31.03.


50m Freestyle: 1. Avantika Chawan (Maharashtra) 26.54 seconds (New National Games record. Old: 26.60, Maana Patel, Rajkot 2022); 2. Maana Patel (Gujarat) 26.69; 3. Nina Venkatesh (Karnataka) 27.21.

200m Backstroke: 1. Maana Patel (Gujarat) 2:19.74 (New National Games record; Old: 2:23.21, Maana Patel, Thiruvananthapuram, 2015); 2. Soubrity Mondal (West Bengal) 2:23.80; 3. Palak Joshi (Maharashtra) 2:25.09.

400m Medley: 1. Hashika Ramachandra (Karnataka) 5:09.03; 2. Richa Mishra (Madhya Pradesh) 5:11.26; 3. Kanya Nayyar (Madhya Pradesh) 5:11.33.

Archery (Indian Bow)


Individual: Goldi Mishra (Jharkhand) beat Azadveer Singh (Punjab) 6-2; Bronze medal play-off: Anuj (Rajasthan) beat Suresh Kumar Gurung (Services) 6-2.

Team: Manipur beat Services 6-0. Bronze medal play-off: Rajasthan beat Nagaland 5-4.


Individual: Okram Naobi Chanu (Manipur) beat Rathva Amita Ganpatbhai (Gujarat) 5-5 (1-0 in single arrow shoot-off); Bronze medal play-off: Laiphrakpam Rojina Devi (Manipur) beat Pooja Kumar (Bihar) 7-1.

Team: Kerala beat Manipur 5-3. Bronze medal play-off: Gujarat beat Jharkhand 5-3.



200m: 1. Amlan Borgohain (Assam) 20.55 seconds (New National Games record. Old: 21.06, Amlan Borgohain, Gandhinagar, 2022); 2. Abhin B Devadiga (Karnataka) 20.89; 3. Muhammed Ajmal (Services) 20.97.

800m: 1. Mohammed Afsal (Services) 1:46.30; 2. Krishan Kumar (Services) 1:47.19; 3. Ankesh Chaudhary (Services) 1:47.35.

3000m Steeplechase: 1. Shankar Lal Swami (Services) 8:43.05; 2. Balkishan (Services) 8:43.14; 3. Prince Raj Mishra (Sikkim) 8:47.15.

110m Hurdles: 1. Tejas Shirke (Maharashtra) 13.84m; 2. Surendhar Jayakumar (Tamil Nadu) 14.07; 3. Tarundeep Singh (Services) 14.19.

400m Hurdles: 1. T Santhosh Kumar (Services) 49.49 seconds (New National Games Record. Old: 50.38, Ranchi, 2011); 2. MP Jabir (Services) 50.57; 3. K Sathish (Tamil Nadu) 50.70.

Javelin Throw: 1. DP Manu (Services) 80.71m; 2. Rohit Yadav (Uttar Pradesh) 79.78; 3. Abhishek Drall (Delhi) 79.01.

35km Race Walk: 1. Ram Baboo (Uttar Pradesh) 2:36:34.00 (New National record. Old: 2:40:16.00, Juned Khan, Ranchi, 2022); 2, Juned Khan (Haryana) 2:40:51.00; 3. Chandan Singh (Services) 2:44:02.00.


200m: 1. Archana Suseendran (Tamil Nadu) 23.06 seconds (New National Games record. Old: 23.86, Shiny Wilson, Pune, 1994); 2. Hima Das (Assam) 23.61; 3. Srabani Nanda (Odisha) 23.64.

800m: 1. KM Chanda (Delhi) 2:01.58 (New National Games record. Old: 2:01.86, Tintu Luka, Thiruvananthapuram, 2015); 2. Twinkle Chaudhary (Punjab) 2:03.95; 3. Radha Chaudhary (Delhi) 2:04.32.

3000m Steeplechase: 1. Parul Chaudhary (Uttar Pradesh) 9:56.65; 2. Komal Jagdale (Maharashtra) 10:00.22; 3. Priti Lamba (Haryana) 10:02.94.

100m Hurdles: 1. Jyothi Yarraji (Andhra Pradesh) 12.79 seconds; 2. Agasara Nandini (Telangana) 13.38; 3. Sapna Kumari (Jharkhand) 13.42.

400m Hurdles: 1. Vithya Ramaraj (Tamil Nadu) 56.57 seconds (New National Games record. Old: 57.75, Udaya Lakshmi, Ludhiana, 2001); 2. R Arathi (Kerala) 58.57; 3. Sinchal Kaveramma (Karnataka) 58.74.

Javelin Throw: 1. Annu Rani (Uttar Pradesh) 54.56m; 2. Rashmi K Shetty (Andhra Pradesh) 53.97; 3. Shilpa Rani (Haryana) 51.93.

35km Race Walk: 1. Payal (Uttarakhand) 3;11:23.00; 2. Manju Rani (Punjab) 3:22:32.00; 3. Puja Pramanik (West Bengal) 3:33:56.00.


4x400m: 1. Haryana (Ayush Dabas, Deepanshi, Kiran Pahal, Angrej Singh) 3:19.29; 2. Karnataka 3:20.51; 3. Delhi 3:25.60.

Cycling (New Delhi)


Keirin: 1. David Beckham (Andaman & Nicobar); 2. Esow (Andaman and Nicobar); 3. Amarjit Singh (Punjab).

Omnium: 1. Dinesh Kumar (Services) 139 points; 2. Vishwajeet Singh (Punjab) 134; 3. Venkappa Kengalagutty (129).


Keirin: 1. Treysha Pal (West Bengal); 2. Deborah (Andaman and Nicobar); 3. Mayuri Lute (Maharashtra).



Sabre Team: Punjab beat Services 45-34. Bronze medals: Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra.

Epee Team: Services beat Maharashtra) 44-30. Bronze medals: Chhattisgarh and Punjab.


Epee Team: Chandigarh beat Punjab 44-41. Bronze medals: Manipur and Haryana.

Foil Team: Manipur beat Kerala 45-41; Bronze medals: Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Gymnastics (Rhythmic)

Women's All-Around: 1. Sanyunkta Kale (Maharashtra) 101.65 points; 2. Richa Chordia (Maharashtra) 99.15; 3. Saneha Dewan (Jammu and Kashmir) 74.55.


Men: Maharashtra beat Kerala 30-26 (Half-time 26-10). Bronze medals: West Bengal and Karnataka.

Women: Maharashtra beat Odisha 18-16 (18-8). Bronze medals: Karnataka and Delhi.



Over 109kg class: 1. Vipan Kumar (Services) Snatch 161kg, Clean and Jerk 195, Total 356kg; 2. Hitesh Kumar 150, 187, 337; 3. Shyopat Singh (Rajasthan) 148, 183, 331.


Over 87kg class: 1. Purnima Pandey (Uttar Pradesh) Snatch 95, Clean and Jerk 120, Total 215kg: 2. MT Ann Mariya (Kerala) 90, 121, 211; 3. Manpreet Kaur (Punjab) 87, 120, 207.


Men's Doubles final: Prajwal Dev and Adil Kalyanpur (Karnataka) beat Dhruv Hirpara and Madhwin Kamat (Gujarat) 6-3, 6-4.

Women's doubles: Rutuja Bhosale and Vaishnavi Adkar (Maharashtra) beat Sharmada Balu and Soha Sadiq (Karnataka) 6-4, 6-4.

Men's Singles (Semifinals): Arjun Kadhe (Maharashtra) beat SSD Prajwal Dev (Karnataka) 7-5, 7-5; Manish Suresh Kumar (Tamil Nadu) beat G Manish (Karnataka) 6-7, 6-2, 6-2.

Women's Singles (Semifinals): Sharmada Balu (Karnataka) beat Yubrani Banerjee (West Bengal) 6-0, 6-3. Zeel Desai (Gujarat) beat Rutuja Bhosale (Maharashtra) 6-0, latter retd.

Other results:


Men's singles (quarterfinals): Sai Praneeth (Telangana) beat Sathish Kumar (Tamil Nadu ) 22-20, 21-13; M Raghu (Karnataka) beat Adheep Gupta (Gujarat) 21-14, 21-13; Aryamann Tandon (Gujarat) beat Ravi (Haryana) 21-15, 21-7; M Mithun (Karnataka) 19-21, 26-24, 21-17.

Women's singles (quarterfinals): Malvika Bansod (Maharashtra) beat Aashi Rawat (Delhi) 18-21, 21-17, 22-20; Aditi Bhatt (Uttarakhand) beat Ashmita Chaliha (Assam) 21-10, 21-11; Tanya Hemanth (Karnataka) beat Adita Rao (Gujarat) 21-15, 21-13; Aakarshi Kashyap (Chhattisgarh) beat Tasnim Mir (Gujarat) 21-17, 21-14.



Group A: Maharashtra beat Haryana 3-1 (Half-time: 0-1). West Bengal beat Gujarat 8-2 (5-0).

Group B: Karnataka beat Tamil Nadu 5-1 (2-1); Uttar Pradesh beat Jharkhand 4-1 (1-0).

Lawn Bowls


Single (Semifinals): Soumen Banerjee (West Bengal) beat Vikram Rajak (Delhi) 21-10; Sunil Bahadur (Jharkhand) and Mridul Borgohain (Assam) 21-19.


Pair (Semifinals): Assam beat Bihar 29-3; Jharkhand beat West Bengal 18-11.

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