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Best mountaineers of India who have done remarkable things in 2023.

Here are the remarkable achievements of five Indian mountaineers in 2023 as they break records, conquer peaks, and stay as an example for unparalleled resilience.

Best mountaineers of India who have done remarkable things in 2023.

Deepa Ramasubramanian

Updated: 3 Jan 2024 10:19 AM GMT

Mountaineering in India reached unparalleled heights in 2023, with a cadre of exceptional individuals showcasing their perseverance on some of the world's most challenging peaks. From setting records to overcoming extreme challenges, these mountaineers have etched their names in the Indian mountaineering history. Here is an in-depth look at the top 5 Indian mountaineers who scaled unprecedented heights in 2023.

1. Col Ranveer Singh Jamwal - Instagram Link of Col Ranveer Singh Jamwal

Colonel Ranveer Singh Jamwal, one of the best mountaineers in India stands as an exceptional figure in the realm of mountaineering, transcending the achievements of multiple Everest summiteers and seven summiteers. In the diverse landscape of mountaineering, where accomplishments are often categorized based on notable achievements, Col Jamwal distinguishes himself as a trailblazer among the typical Indian breed of mountaineers.

Contrasting the profiles of multiple Everest summiteers unveils Col Jamwal's singular achievements. With a dedication spanning two decades, he has achieved many laurels. He is the only mountaineer to have scaled the highest mountain of all seven continents (also known as seven summits) alongside three Everest summits. He has been one of the most persistent mountaineers having participated in over 70 mountaineering expeditions. His accomplishments go beyond conventional summits, encompassing virgin peaks and technically challenging mountains, cleaning campaigns and mountain rescue operations.

His recent notable feats include the ascent of India's highest climbable mountain, Mount Kamet (7,620 m), alongside Mount Jongsong (7,462 m), Mount Reo Purgyil (6,816 m), and Mount Gorichen (6,530 m). Col Jamwal is not just a climber; he actively engages in mountain cleaning campaigns and is recognized as a distinguished mountain rescue specialist.

His accolades include multiple Indian and Asian records in mountaineering, complemented by a world record. The "Har Shikhar Tiranga" expedition, under his leadership, stands as a monumental adventure wherein the team successfully scaled the highest points of all 28 states in India in 2023. The HST Mission champions environmental preservation, echoing the Prime Minister's "Meri Maati Mera Desh" campaign. The team collects soil from these peaks, symbolizing a commitment to the nation's land. Despite facing challenges like avalanches, rockfalls, inclement weather, navigating through forests in rainy season, leeches, obtaining forest permissions, and navigating through ecologically sensitive areas, the team has achieved a unique landmark in the history of Indian adventure.

2. Arjun Vajpai - Instagram Link of Arjun Vajpai

Arjun Vajpai, a trailblazer in the world of mountaineering, achieved global recognition in 2018 as the youngest mountaineer to summit six peaks over 8,000 meters. Breaking barriers at just 24 years old, he added another chapter to his illustrious career in April 2023.

Not only did he successfully summit Mt. Annapurna, but he also became the first Indian mountaineer to conquer seven peaks over 8,000 meters. Arjun's dedication is evident not only in his record-breaking climbs but also in his role as a Fit India Champion.

3. Baljeet Kaur - Instagram Link of Baljeet Kaur

Baljeet Kaur emerged as the first Indian woman to scale six eight-thousanders in the shortest period. Her recent climb to Mt. Annapurna, however, was no ordinary journey. Successfully summiting the deadly peak, Baljeet faced a daunting challenge during the descent, going missing for nearly 18 hours in the snow.

This harrowing experience adds an extraordinary layer of difficulty to her already commendable feat, showcasing her resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

4. Sunil Rohilla - Instagram Link of Sunil Rohilla

Sunil Rohilla's mountaineering achievements in 2023 stand as a testament to his unparalleled determination and skill. He achieved a remarkable feat by summiting three 8,000-meter peaks in just four months and four days, setting a record for Indian male climbers. His rapid ascent includes climbing Mt. Everest (8848M), Mt. Lohtse (8516M), and Mt. Manaslu (8163M) in a record time frame.

Sunil's accomplishments make him the second-fastest Indian climber to achieve this feat in less than 23 hours and the youngest-fastest Indian to climb both peaks. He was also the first Indian climber to climb any 8000M peak in only 78 hours without any rotation during Mt. Manaslu in September 2023.

5. Yaashi Jain - Instagram Link of Yaashi Jain

Yaashi Jain's mountaineering exploits in 2023 have been nothing short of extraordinary. Scaling the highest peaks on four continents, the 24-year-old achieved a feat that sets her apart from her peers. Summiting Europe's Mt. Elbrus in 2019, Africa's Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2022, and South America's Mt. Aconcagua in 2023, Yaashi reached the pinnacle by conquering Mt. Everest and Mt. Lhotse in just 26 hours.

This achievement not only made her the youngest Indian girl to accomplish such a feat but also secured her a place in the Asia Book of Records. She also successfully completed the theoretical Mountaineering courses (Basic 2016 and Advanced 2017). Her successful summits also include the list of Mt. Aconcagua, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Lobuche East Peak, Island Peak, Mt. Elbrus, and others.

As these climbers reach new heights, they inspire others to dream big and conquer the seemingly insurmountable, fostering a legacy that extends beyond the peaks they've scaled.

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