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List of 10 best trekking routes in India you can't miss out on

Whether it be a 2-day journey in Kerala or braving -30 degrees in Ladakh, there is a lot that India has to offer in terms of scenic trekking routes.

List of 10 best trekking routes in India you cant miss out on

C.C. Chengappa

Updated: 6 May 2022 5:36 AM GMT

Over the past few years, owing to the Covid pandemic, there has been a surge in interest directed towards travelling around India. Apart from the cliched Goa trip with friends, there are numerous other destinations and journeys that are unexplored and fall under 'the road less travelled'.

Treks are a popular escape for people looking to get a break from their monotonous work life. With the Himalayas to the north, the Western Ghats in the south, and the vast forests of the Northeast region, we bring you the best treks that you should look for when considering an escape into nature.

#1. Chadar Trek, Ladakh

A popular winter trek which is set on a frozen river, the Chadar route is recommended for trekkers who have some prior experience in high altitude treks or camps. The duration of this journey is 8 days with the base camp being Leh. What follows is consecutive days of being surrounded by looming mountains sides, thick snow and frozen waterfalls. The famous 56ft frozen Nerak waterfall that is virtually suspended in mid-air is another famous landmark that the route passes by. An added bonus for winter lovers is the -30 degree temperatures that set in at night.

Chadar Trek (Source: Ladakh Tourism)

#2. Hampta Pass Trek, Himachal Pradesh

One of Himachal Pradesh's brilliant treks that is set at a height of 14,000ft, the Hampta Pass is often referred to as Himachal's Valley of Flowers. The journey to reach Hampta Pass is itself a thrill due to the rough terrain and trekkers can expect to see a wide range of weather alterations on their way. The difficulty is moderate and the duration is a total of 6 days with the starting point at Manali.

Hampta Pass (Source: Mumbai Pune Adventures)

#3. Markha Valley Trek, Ladakh

The Markha valley trek is a moderate to difficult trek based in the Markha river valley of Ladakh. The 17,000 ft trek has a duration of 6 days and one even gets to see the famous Mt. Kang Yatse en route. Unlike many high altitude treks, the journey is dotted with villages and house clusters where one can even stay a night with locals to add to the experience.

Markha Valley (Source: Adventure Nation)

#4. Beas Kund Trek, Himachal Pradesh

Another of the famous Manali-based treks, this single journey itself offers views of four famous peaks, namely Friendship Peak, Shitidhar, Ladakhi and Hanuman Tibba. To add to it, legend says that Rishi Vyas the author of the Mahabharata used to take his bath in the Beas River located in this area. The duration is 4 days and it is an easy to moderate trek meant for beginners and above.

Beas Kund (Source: India Hikes)

#5. Valley of Flowers Trek, Uttarakhand

This trek needs no introduction and has been on the checklist of many avid trekkers ever since it was discovered in 1931 by accident. It is located at an altitude of 3600m and has a wide range of flora and fauna that thrive within it. One can arrive at Dehradun or Rishikesh and make their way towards the Valley of Flowers National Park directly by car or bus.

Valley of Flowers (Source: India Hikes)

#6. Dzongri Trek, Sikkim

Mt. Kangchendzonga,(8585 meters) Mt. Kabru north (7338 meters), Mt. Simvo (6811 meters), Mt. Pandim (6691 meters) and 6 other famous peaks are all visible during this trek. The town of Yuksom is the base camp for this trek which has plenty of history in the form of old monasteries and ancient temples. One can expect a time of 6 days to complete the trek which also involves a day of acclimatization due to the high altitude location of the region.

Dzongri (Source: India Hikes)

#7. Rajmachi Trek, Maharashtra

Certain regions in Maharashtra are home to some of the most beautiful views and the Rajmachi trek is based in one of those regions. The trek is a 1-day journey to the Rajmachi Fort which was built during the 17th century. Apart from the historic wonders, the place is located between the famous hill stations called Lonavla and Karjat. The vantage point of the fort gives out brilliant views from all over and it only makes sense that the same place was the spot of many battles in the past.

Rajmachi Trek (Source: Trekkerpedia)

#8. Sandakphu Trek, West Bengal

This trek is unlike any other in the world. For the duration of the trek, one gets to see 4 of the tallest mountains in the world. Apart from this, Mt. Everest, Mt.Lhotse and Mt.Makalu are also visible. What stands out, however, is that the famous Sleeping Buddha range of mountains is visible in its entirety for the duration of the trek. This 7-day escape is categorised as moderately difficult.

Sandakphu Trek (Source: India Hikes)

#9. Chokramudi Trek, Kerala

Munnar in Kerala is home to views galore and the Chokramudi Trek is a great trek to do in this region. The start point is the Bison valley with the duration of the journey taking a total of 5-7 hours. What stands out 'is the view from the top' which covers a massive expanse of forests and greenery in Munnar.

Chokramudi Trek (Source: Iris Holidays)

#10. Nongriat Trek, Meghalaya

The other identifiable landmark for this trek is the famous Double Decker Root Bridge which is located near Cherapunjee. Cherapunjee itself is famous for its never-ending rainfall and is the start point for this trek. The endpoint of the 1-day journey is the Rainbow Falls and the entire trek/hike is easy to moderate. What stands out is the route of the trek which is surrounded by forests, river bodies and unique bio-engineered structures.

Nongriat Trek(His Travel Instinct)

We hope this list will lead you to start packing your rucksacks and planning right away! Happy trekking!

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