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One Man, 28 Peaks - Colonel Ranveer Singh Jamwal's Incredible Climb Across India

The extraordinary Har Shikhar Tiranga (HST) Mission led by Colonel Ranveer Singh Jamwal is a tribute to India's unity, diversity, and mountaineering excellence. Here are a few of the remarkable achievements and the campaign's vision of environmental commitment.

One Man, 28 Peaks - Colonel Ranveer Singh Jamwals Incredible Climb Across India

Col Ranveer Singh Jamwal honoured by Pema Khandu, the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh (Image via Twitter/PemaKhanduBJP)


Deepa Ramasubramanian

Published: 19 Sep 2023 5:51 AM GMT

The Har Shikhar Tiranga (HST) Mission is a remarkable and unprecedented expedition that aims to unfurl the Indian national flag, the Tiranga, on the highest peak of every state across India. Spearheaded by the renowned mountaineer and rescue specialist Colonel Ranveer Singh Jamwal, this extraordinary campaign is an adventurous quest and a powerful symbol of India's unity, diversity, and national pride.

Colonel Ranveer Singh Jamwal who is also a motivational speaker is a name synonymous with mountaineering excellence in India, has embarked on his extraordinary and unprecedented expedition - the "Har Shikhar Tiranga (HST) Mission." The campaign symbolizes his indomitable spirit and celebrates the country's unity and diversity.

Colonel Ranveer Singh Jamwal, the director of the National Institute of Mountaineering and Adventure Sports (NIMAS) stands tall as one of the best mountaineers of India. With a career spanning over 25 years, his achievements are nothing short of inspiring. With two Asian records and four Indian records in his bag, he is the first Indian to do seven summits alongside three Everest summits, a feat that showcases his exceptional mountaineering skills.

The Har Shikhar Tiranga Campaign led by Colonel R.S. Jamwal and comprises a dedicated team of 15 members, including both army personnel and civilians. The notable fourteen member team along with Col Ranveer Singh includes Naib Subedar Ravi Devadkar, Naib Subedar Tswesang Chosgail, Havildar Nehpal Singh, Havildar Rakesh Yadav, Havildar Kewal Krishan, Nk Ganesh Paul, Nk Sanjay Poswal, Nb Sub Vikaram Gurung, Hav Jaipal, Nk Devendra Bdr, Dorjee Khandu, Tosep Rime, Roopak Chettri.

Colonel Jamwal's remarkable journey doesn't end there. He has also successfully scaled the Seven Summits, a prestigious accomplishment that includes scaling the highest peaks on each of the seven continents. This places him in an elite league of mountaineers, and he stands as an example for young aspirants.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to mountaineering, Colonel Jamwal was recognized with the coveted National Adventure Award "Tenzing Norgay" in 2013. This prestigious accolade is often equated with the Arjuna Award for mountaineering. The Har Shikhar Tiranga mission, conceptualized by Colonel Jamwal, embodies his vision to celebrate India's 75th year of independence uniquely and the G20 presidentship.

One of the campaign's notable achievements is the resolution of a long-standing debate surrounding the highest peak in Himachal Pradesh. The HST team's exploration has conclusively proven that Mt. Reo Purgyil claims this prestigious title. Their findings have not only put an end to a historical debate but have also illuminated the Indian mountaineering community about the true apex of the state. Mt. Reo Purgyil rightfully claims its place as the highest peak in Himachal Pradesh. In achieving this, the HST team has etched their names in history as only the second expedition to scale this formidable peak, following a prior summit in the year 1995.

The HST Campaign goes beyond just climbing peaks; it's about giving due recognition to the highest points in various mountain ranges. Punjab's Naina Devi range and highest point of the famous range of Gujarat's Girnar now bear the spotlight, as the team is actively trying to name the highest peaks and have made an appeal to the State Government.

There were days when the team embarked on relentless journeys, driving for over 14 hours without respite. Scaling mountains during heavy rains and contending with health risks posed by formidable adversaries like leeches became part of their daily adventures. Obtaining forest permissions, especially in ecologically sensitive areas in Kerala, and navigating through the presence of naxalite groups at the highest peaks of Telengana presented persistent challenges.

Beyond its patriotic significance, the mission also champions environmental preservation. The team collects soil from these peaks, echoing the Prime Minister's "Meri Maati Mera Desh" campaign. Remarkably, the team has been ahead of the curve, actively collecting soil from 27 states.

Executing such an ambitious campaign has been rife with challenges, including obtaining permissions and tackling logistics in remote regions. However, Colonel Jamwal's dedication and resolve have propelled the team forward. Celebrities like Anupam Kher, Gaurav Chopra, Darshan Kumar, and Mohit Raina have joined the campaign, underscoring its national significance.

The Har Shikhar Tiranga Mission has received support from the Ministry of Defence, further underscoring its national importance. As the campaign continues to progress, it serves as a source of inspiration and pride for the nation.

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