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Only woman to cross the finish line of DESERT STORM 2019

Only woman to cross the finish line of DESERT STORM 2019

Press Release

Published: 15 May 2019 9:02 AM GMT
Three strong iron ladies started and then there left only one. What started on 6th may 2019 in Delhi was nothing less than a battlefield filled with 34 teams of the best racers and navigators all across India. Desert Storm is the most crucifying and longest desert rally in India. The unrevealed terrain and the crucifying temperatures ensured not all the men and their machines could cross the final chequered flag. Only 18 cars/bugs ran across the finale flag. Amongst this storm was the lone flag bearer of ladies who survived heat, intense terrains, hailstorms, rain and even a literal desert storm, she is none other than
Ms.Khyati Mody. While sharing her experience she took a deep breath and initiated a conversation hoping she wished that all three ladies had finished the rally but this particular year the rally was the toughest amongst the last 3 years she has participated. The tracks were too intense, fierce and the may heat of the desert is remorseless. She says “This is the first year I took part in a Grand Vitara and was running on stock suspension whereas my peers were on a higher end rally suspension. Almost with no seat time I had to be extra careful since I was running on stock suspensions. Not everyone who starts this rally manages to finish it.  My initial aim was to first finish the rally. The 200 km stage was unforgiving & the last day stages 4a and 4b were equally challenging because it had rained then there was a sand storm which continued through the rally stages and it was tough to identify the trails we had to drive on because of almost zero visibility and trails being covered by fresh sand. “
“It was tough, I literally have felt the sweat roll all over my body including my face which tumbled down and almost ensuring that I taste my sweat. But the passion and love for motorsports beats any of these factors. I am happy to finish 4th in my category amongst the stock class. I am looking towards my next rally. I am thankful to my sponsors for supporting me and believing in me that I can come out with flying colours. “
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