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Son of a BSF soldier, inspired by Bhagat Singh - Anshul Jubli's journey to UFC

Anshul Jubli was also overweight. He was a constant target for bullies in school which eventually pushed him to sports.

Anshul Jubli UFC MMA

Anshul Jubli (Source: Lockerroom)


The Bridge Desk

Updated: 5 Feb 2023 7:59 AM GMT

Hailing from a small town called Uttarkashi known for spiritual and adventure tourism, Anshul Jubli, on Sunday, scaled great heights to become only the second Indian to earn an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) contract.

While Bharat Khandare's - the first Indian in UFC, stint in the competition lasted for only one fight, Anshul Jubli is eager for more.

"We have arrived. India is here. We are not stopping here and are going all the way to the top. I want to make India proud," Jubli said after his Road to UFC Final win over Indonesia's Jeka Seragih in the lightweight final.

Though Jubli has created history by earning a UFC contract, his rise to the top has not been easy.

Being the son of a Border Security Force (BSF) soldier meant that Anshul Jubli's childhood went by in different locations around India. From states like Delhi and Punjab to Rajasthan and Bengal, the fighter's childhood was scattered across geographical locations.

To make matters worse, Jubli was also overweight. He was a constant target for bullies in school which eventually pushed him to sports when he was in sixth grade. He tried his hands on sports like football, volleyball and was also a mathematics tutor later in his life.

Anshul Jubli was inspired by the diary of Bhagat Singh and wanted to pure the Combined Defense Services Examination (CDSE). It was here at the age of 17 that his tryst with Mixed Martial Arts started.

Jubli had his first MMA session in a local gym at this hometown and was immediately drawn in. Though she stayed devoted to his CDSE plans for sometime, MMA soon took the preference.

While MMA came in pretty late in his life, Jubli was always the troubled kid who used to get in a lot of fights at school.

"To be honest about it, it was street-fighting. I got into a lot of fights in school... I used to love fighting, showing off some 'dada-giri' when I was a school kid. Till 10th or 11th standard it was like this. So when I would have to fight an older kid who's bigger and stronger than me, I would try to learn techniques. I would watch Youtube videos or movies about fighting and try to copy how they threw punches and stuff. So I always felt that pull," Anshul Jubli was quoted as saying by The Fan Garage.

But once he immersed himself in MMA, there was no looking back.

Anshul Jubli, so far, has been unbeaten in his career - both amateur and the professional circuit.

While his record stands at 13-0 in amateur MMA, he is now on a 7-fight unbeaten run in the professional circuit after his win against Jeka Seragih in the Road to UFC Final.

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