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Take up #100DaysOfRunning challenge to drive a positive change in you

Take up #100DaysOfRunning challenge to drive a positive change in you

Imtiaz Azad

Published: 10 May 2019 7:56 AM GMT
"Hit the outdoors and break some sweat!" Running is channelising of movement fuelling progress of mindset, persistence and of course cardiovascular health. While running is a way to get into shape for many and others choose it to boost their confidence and stream their energy to remove do away with negativities. In this fast-paced mechanical lives we are leading, we often tend to neglect our physique, which eventually creates hindrances in our mind. While there are people who walk the extra mile and exercise to keep themselves fit, a majority still have a lack of discipline and motivation to keep the drive.
was created to bridge this gap as running event like no other. As a part of the challenge, a person is required to run 2 kms a day, for 100 days. And that’s it. There are no other rules. Run whenever, wherever but just be true to your goal. 100 Days Of Running aimed at encouraging people to make running a part of their lives and a way towards better fitness. As the name suggests, it compels the newbie and regular runners to run persistently for 100 days during the summers’ hottest months so that runners don’t get a chance to cite weather as an excuse to skip this habit and develop perseverance to fight against odds of life.

The event started in 2015 with 186 runners grew exponentially to 10,572 runners in 2018 edition. From one country to 40 countries around the globe! 2019 marks the successful journey of this event to its fifth year.

The Basics of #100DaysOfRunning: Run daily for 100 days. You can mix walking with running as you feel comfortable. On recovery days, you can walk the required minimum distance to keep your 100 days streak going. You need to run (or run/walk) a minimum of 2 km every day. This is a platform to get people to develop running as a habit and as a lifestyle through the medium of this challenge. Submit your daily run data online. If you have a Strava account, you can automatically import your run data every day. Fast&Up is proud to support #100DaysOfRunning this year, which began on April 27th. The active nutrition oriented company caters all the nutritional needs of athletes and those with active lifestyle. Founded in 2015, Fast&Up is trusted by athletes and sports institutes across India. It has the ambition of educating and providing revolutionary sports and active nutrition products in India. This includes people across the spectrum right from the Elite athletes to the occasional health enthusiasts who frequent the gym. They have been consistently meeting the requirement of its diverse customers, ensuring no compromises in its performance levels. The HDOR initiative is aimed for summer, the go-to energy and hydration drink is Fast&Up Reload which is also the official energy drink for various marathons across India. Fast&Up Reload if Informed Choice certifies, the only electrolyte in India to have the certification making it a favorite among athletes and institutions along with active lifestyle seekers. #100DaysOfRunning has played an instrumental role in peoples' lives helping them to discover their passion for running and to lead a disciplined life. Some athletes discovered how to run without getting injured and thereby developing a base for upcoming running season.
Avik Pal, a corporate professional based out of Hyderabad, who has taken up the 100 Day Challenge says, “this summer is ruthless, the mercury is rising up everyday but these days being fit is no more an option, its a part of life. More runners have taken up the 100 days of running challenge. Guys stay calm and don’t miss to keep yourself well hydrated with India’s first informed choice certified electrolyte Fast&Up reload. Meenu Lunia, who is a fashion designer and a social activist, unfurled a new path of her life by taking up the #100DaysOfRunning challenge. Otherwise, who would be busy with her day-to-day work and household chores, started finding pleasure through running. She developed herself into a full-fledged marathon runner and kept on breaking all physical adversities to lead a fit and healthier life. #100DaysOfRunning challenge is a competition with one's own to be persistent against all the adversities. It certainly induces discipline that keeps one motivated and further lifts their morale to achieve greater goals. If you are also interested, you can join the challenge by registering here.
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