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The marathon runner who is Tamil Nadu's new health minister - MA Subramanian

Subramanian ran his first marathon only in the year 2014 at Auroville and finished it in just over two and a half hours

MA Subramanian

MA Subramanian 


Abhijit Nair

Updated: 8 May 2021 4:17 AM GMT

MA Subramanian was appointed as a Cabinet Minister by the recently elected DMK party led my MK Stalin in Tamil Nadu. The 61 year old won from the Saidapet constituency was appointed as the Minster for Health in the Tamil Nadu cabinet.

Before entering politics full-time, MA Subramanian served as the Mayor of Chennai for five years from 2006 to 2011. Besides, he is also a fitness enthusiast and an avid marathon runner who holds multiple records!

Subramanian ran his first marathon, that too for fun, only in the year 2014 at Auroville and finished it in just over two and a half hours while a majority of the runners took more than three hours. It was at this point that Subramanian realised how good a runner he is!

He has not stopped participating in marathons since and has run more than 100 marathons in his life. He also has his name registered in both, The India Book of Records and The Asia Book of Records.

Moreover, he was also honoured with an honorary doctorate by the World Records University for completing more than 50 marathons in just three years.

What is more inspiring is the fact that, all of these achievements came after a horrific accident Subramanian had faced back in the year 2004 when he was travelling with his friends in a car. He had a cracked skull and a knee bone which was split into seven.

Doctors had declared that Subramanian would never walk! But, that did not deter him one bit. Instead he rose to the top like a warrior and established himself as someone to look up to for the youngsters who wish to make it big in sports.

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