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How T10 Sports is empowering heroes like Praveen Teotia, India’s First Differently Abled Ironman

The incredible story of 26/11 hero Praveen Teotia, who overcame all obstacles to become India's first differently abled Ironman.

How T10 Sports is empowering heroes like Praveen Teotia,   India’s First Differently Abled Ironman

Source: Deccan Chronicle 


Sukanya Adhikary

Updated: 2 May 2024 6:37 AM GMT

The vibrant city of Mumbai was tormented by terror on the fateful night of November 26, 2008, as several well-planned attacks rattled the city to its very core. Stories of resilience, bravery, and survival arose in the turmoil - Praveen Teotia's story is one such tale.

Teotia saved over 185 lives during the operation. In 2009, he was honoured with the Shaurya Chakra award by Pratibha Patil, the then President of India.

He was a marine commando with the Indian Navy. Despite getting injured severely, Teotia survived during 'Operation Black Tornado' at the Taj Hotel. The doctors who attended to him said that he would never be able to swim or run again. However, he debunked everyone by starting a new journey of his life after this.

After the attack, Teotia was given a desk job that he did not like. Numerous hardships and financial setbacks followed. He was afraid about the security of his family. No one came forward to help him. However, the toughest battles are won by the fiercest soldiers and Praveen is certainly one. The injuries did not kill his spirit to run. Teotia began training in 2014 and went on to run the 72 km long Khardung La Marathon three years later. He finished the marathon well within the time frame and won a medal. He also participated in the 2015 Mumbai Half Marathon and the 2016 Indian Navy Half Marathon.

In 2018, he went on to compete in one of the toughest races in the world, the Ironman Triathlon Championship in South Africa. Since then, he has been actively helping athletes to take part in marathons by working as a fitness and marathon coach at the Ironman Group.

But do you know the extent of fitness required for an Ironman? It is primarily a combination of swimming, running, and cycling across extremely vast distances that would intimidate even the most experienced athletes.

Teotia participated in the Ironman 70.3 Goa last year and recently this month, Teotia also participated in the Starry Night Marathon in Gurugram which was sponsored by T10 Sports and organised by Aravali Trail Blazers.

As a sportswear partner, T10 Sports has spearheaded many such events which make people believe that nothing is impossible if the athletes are given the adequate resources to compete at the highest level.

Sportswear for such events must be breathable and flexible which is essential for maximising performance and reducing tiredness, given the intense nature of the race and its duration.

Athletes require hydrodynamic fabric like that of a swimsuit, with seams that are strategically placed to avoid blisters and chafing from repeated movements. T10 Sports is meeting just the right needs required by the athletes for the triathlon.

Well-known for its commitment to quality, and innovation, T10 Sports is a global leader in sportswear and products. It provides premium sportswear products at affordable prices. Their training sportswear is breathable and fits perfectly.

T10's Ironman 70.3 apparel is designed to keep the athletes cool and comfortable while meeting the demands of the sport, whether it be during the demanding training sessions or the hectic race day itself. With its ergonomic designs and fully flexible fabrics, T10's gear enables athletes to move freely and effectively in all three races.

We need to ensure that all athletes are well-equipped with the resources required to run a marathon or complete a triathlon. T10 Sports is proud to have legends like Praveen Teotia to participate in these events and inspire others to follow suit as they wear their passion on their sleeves and continue to make history. Beyond medals, we should continue celebrating stories of individuals like Praveen Teotia and support them like T10 Sports is doing.

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