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The very best sports to bet for Indians

The very best sports to bet for Indians

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Published: 29 Jun 2020 12:20 PM GMT

No one needs convincing that Indians love sports. The entire nation comes to a stop as soon as their team plays in any major sports competition. Even on a national level, sports occupy the minds and interests of the locals, more than any other extracurricular activity.

As a result of this, it is apparent that sports betting too is of interest for many fans in India. There are some issues around the legality of it all, but also several ways to indulge in what is primarily a billion-dollar industry worldwide. For adults wanting to join in and make money from their favourite games, it is worth knowing about some of the most lucrative sports on offer. These are games that bookies cover in detail, as well as, matches that give punters an upper hand. By knowing the fundamentals of these games, and by diversifying bets, even a newcomer can be off to a winning start in sports betting.


While we will come to the most popular game in India next, we must talk about soccer first. Not only is the game a favourite across the globe, but Indians too follow football religiously, even though it doesn't have a world-famous team as yet. When it comes to the game, most Indian fans prefer to follow the Premier League, which is, in fact, amongst the most profitable betting options available. Bookmakers cover every game of the Premier League, leading to multiple betting options for punters. Moreover, there is an in-depth analysis of each team available online for fans, which allows them to place the best bet possible before a match. Remember, to make more money, bet on multiple odds across various games.


Any cricket fan will know that it pays to be cautious. Thus, a team must check for the weather, the pitch, and the opposing players before finalising how they play. The same is true for sports betting, as a bettor needs to be careful about how they transfer their deposit and withdrawals. Thankfully, one of the safest ways available to bet or play online is via PaySafe. You can read the instructions on how to use PaySafe for a better understanding, but know that it keeps your money secure and allows for lightning-fast transactions. One doesn't need to convince Indian punters why cricket is the best game to bet on; after all, they know the sport better than anyone else. Still, with so many matches taking place, and several betting possibilities per play, it becomes a wonderful opportunity to invest money while enjoying a favourite pastime.


Tennis, very much like golf, is another excellent choice when it comes to sports betting. The primary reason for this is that it is an individual game. As a result, a punter only needs to worry about a few players before making a bet. This is unlike keeping track of a whole team and their manager in cricket or football. The four major Grand Slams are, without a doubt, the most coveted tennis events and perfect for betting. Indian sports enthusiasts, before making a bet, should check out Rupeecasinos.com, which is an excellent resource of all casinos that allow you to set wagers in the local currency. This saves on currency conversion charges and keeps things pretty straightforward when it comes to understanding the odds and winnings. As for the wagers in tennis, go with the top-ranking players, but most importantly, bet on the early games, and not just on the semi-finals and the finals.

Horse Racing

One fascinating aspect of horse racing is that it appeals to everyone, irrespective of where they are in the world. Multiple events in horse racing take place across the globe, from the USA and the UK to Dubai and Australia. Some Indians have been known to go in blind, and pick horses based on names or published odds. While beginner's luck will get you off on a great start if you want to win continuously, spend a little time researching on the horses and jockeys and then make a play. Amongst some of the famous horse races worth investing in are the Dubai World Cup, the Kentucky Derby, the Japan Cup, and the Melbourne Cup.

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