Friday, June 5, 2020
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Enjoy the favourite games of 90s kids in 2020


Of all the generations, the luckiest are probably those who spent their childhood in the 1990s. Why? Because it is the only generation that got to relish both offline and online worlds and witness this revolutionary transformation of almost all the fields like communication, gaming, entertainment, etc. They have delved into both the worlds and equally enjoyed the flavors of the authenticity of old days and modernism of the digital era.

One of the most significant changes that this generation has experienced is the gaming zone. They enjoyed the old granny’s games and new-age online games. The latest generations are fully immersed in online gaming but are unaware of those immersive old days’ games. So, here are some most popular games of the 90s.


The magical square board has witnessed so many discussions, childhood fights, jokes and so much fun. It was the the best pastime and the most sought-after entertainment during vacations in the 90s. In modern days, online carom game is becoming equally popular. A great carrom app offers an amazing experience of online carrom gaming. If you want to relive the 90s days, you can go for a carrom board game download and enjoy carom gaming on your mobile phone.


One of the most cherished memories of the 90s kids is playing this amazing game. Aiming at stacked coins with a cloth ball was considered the biggest talent in those days and hitting your competitors to prevent them from re-stacking was the ultimate thrill. The charm of this game is still fresh in the minds of 90s kids and they are always ready to again shout out loud, hopscotch! Thankfully, they can play this game online now.

Run & Chase/Tag

The very first game of almost all the 90s kids was tag or run & chase. After stepping out of the cradles, this chasing game was one of the first games they played. It is the most basic form of chase games in which all you need to do is run after your friends and catch them. This game comes in many variations like a stone man, color chase, etc. and is still very popular with kids. These days there are many chase games available online. 


It was one of the most-played games in the 90s. Along with great fun and thrill, this game was accompanied by a lot of shouting as everyone used to become fully immersed in the game and excited. This game has also marked an entry into the digital space and is being enjoyed equally in its virtual version as well.


Kids in the 90s used to play it a lot. Friends across the distant streets used to gather together and a group of almost 15-20 friends used to play this game. Whenever there were around 8-10 players, then the most common game was kho-kho. Players were divided into two teams and the game was played with the utmost zeal. The tricks and swiftness of this game helped to develop players’ skills and thus was very helpful for kids’ growth, both mental and physical. Though this game is nationally acclaimed but due to declining social relations and lack of interest in outdoor games among the young generation, the craze of this game has decreased a lot. However, you can play it online nowadays.

Dog and the Bone

Another group game which was prominently played two decades away is dog and the bone. In this game, the players were divided into teams and were made to stand in two rows facing each other. In between both the rows, a circle was drawn to place the stick and one member from each team used to compete with one member from the other team to take the stick to their court. The team with the most winning players was declared the winner.

Slip Games

The most common indoor games played in those days were slip games. These games were quite flexible and could vary with the number of players. The most frequently played variants were King/Minister/ Thief/ Police, 16 slips, etc. The slip games were a lot of fun and are still played widely.

The list of games that were played in the 90s has no end. Other games like hide-n-seek, gallery, red letter, chocolate, etc. were also immensely popular and are still played in many areas where digitization is still not much in vogue. It is important to keep these traditional games alive as they not only entertain but also help in the healthy growth of kids.


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