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Pro Kabaddi 2022: Tamil Thalaivas draw the game 41-41 despite Maninder's heroics

Despite Maninder Singh's heroics, Tamil Thalaivas drew the game 41-41 in the last raid courtesy of Ajinkya Pawar.

Pro Kabaddi 2022: Tamil Thalaivas draw the game 41-41 despite Maninders heroics

Ajinkya Pawar forced a mistake from Bengal's defence in the last raid to draw the game. (Source: Pro Kabaddi)


Pritish Raj

Published: 2 Nov 2022 5:12 PM GMT

Tamil Thalaivas stole a draw on the last raid of the game against Bengal Warriors as the Bengal defence was caught napping by Ajinkya Pawar. Despite Maninder Singh's humongous effort to drive a come back, Bengal ended up with three points only.

A slow burn contest sparked to life when Ajinkya Pawar, on a DO OR DIE raid caught the Warriors' Balaji D and Vaibhav Garje to help the Thalaivas edge ahead. While Maninder kept the Warriors in the hunt, constantly poaching bonus points, the Thalaivas raiders were more prolific on the mat.

They got the first ALL OUT with a SUPER RAID, Narender catching out Balaji D, Vaibhav Garje and Shrikant Jadhav to give them a 21-9 lead.

It didn't take them too long to get a second ALL OUT, this one created by an inept Warriors defence โ€” who failed to get a single successful tackle in the first half. Going into halftime, the Thalaivas led 26-14.

The Warriors came out a different unit in the second half. Maninder and Deepak Niwas Hooda rallied their side to initiate their own ALL OUT to reduce the margin of the lead. While the Thalaivas' defence faltered, the Warriors kept chipping away, their raiders suddenly the ones in the ascendancy.

With three minutes to go, the two teams were locked level, with no room for error at all. The teams traded the lead multiple times, trading raid for raid and tackle for the tackle. Maninder got the Warriors a one-point lead on the second last raid, however, Pawar helped the Thalaivas tie the match in the end.

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