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Kunal Bhati's Kabaddi Journey from Hometown echoes to Pro Kabaddi League roars

Join us on a journey through the life and triumphs of Kunal Bhati, the charismatic left raider whose Kabaddi skills shone brightly on the Yuva Kabaddi Series mat.

Kunal Bhatis Kabaddi Journey from Hometown echoes to Pro Kabaddi League roars

Deepa Ramasubramanian

Updated: 2 Jan 2024 11:59 AM GMT

Kunal Bhati's Kabaddi journey didn't start on a grand stage but in the spirited clashes with friends. Kabaddi ran in his blood, with his father, a former Kabaddi player, passing down the legacy. His journey in Kabaddi started from a remote village in Uttar Pradesh, and there was no stopping him.

At home, Kunal isn't just a brother and son; he's the living embodiment of Kabaddi's dreams. His family, including his mom, dad, elder sister, and younger brother, forms an unyielding support system that cheers for every raid and consoles in tough times.

Moving from village duels to JD Academy marked a significant shift for Kunal. His Kabaddi skills evolved through junior state competitions, nationals, and senior state championships, culminating in a defining chapter at the Yuva Kabaddi Series.

In the Yuva Kabaddi Series, Kunal discovered the power of teamwork, where every raid became a collective effort. His village, once a silent observer, now celebrates every raid, offering both encouragement and insightful feedback. For Kunal, Kabaddi is a family affair, a connection that runs deeper than the Kabaddi mat.

The pinnacle of his journey arrived with the call from U Mumba in the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL). Thrilled at the prospect, Kunal is already donning his bright U Mumba colors at the tenth edition of Pro Kabaddi League.

Yet, his ultimate dream is to wear the Indian jersey, fueled by the national team's gold-winning performance at the Asian Games. The triumph became a beacon for Kunal, inspiring him to dream big on the international stage.

Yuva Kabaddi Series was transformative for Kunal, elevating his skills and turning every raid into an example of his growth. The camaraderie with players from diverse states added a unique charm to his Kabaddi journey.

For Kunal, YKS wasn't just a tournament to showcase his skills; rather, it was the launchpad that made subsequent challenges seem conquerable. Balancing academics and Kabaddi during his 10th and 12th grades were the most difficult times for Kunal as he could not focus on the game completely. That's when he realized his love for the game and began to push harder.

In the YKS Monsoon Edition 2023, Kunal's stats tell a compelling story, with 135 raid points and a raid strike rate of 51.52%. His left-raiding skills with Periyar Panthers include five super raids and seven super 10s.

In the Winter Edition 2022, Kunal Bhati emerged as the fifth-highest raid points scorer by accumulating 206 raid points. His one-man show on the Summit Round was a treat, as he scored 24 raid points to take his team above the line against Murthal Magnets

As the key raider for Periyar Panthers in YKS, Kunal Bhati's Kabaddi journey is a saga of familial support, personal growth, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Each raid is a chapter, etching Kunal's imprint as a promising raider in the making.

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