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Indian Premier League 2021

Watch the IPLs biggest six hitters

The leaderboard for the 'maximum' has the biggest names in contemporary cricket.

Watch the IPLs biggest six hitters

With 240 IPL sixes, De Villiers is one of the all-time IPL greats (File photo)


Rahul Kargal

Updated: 23 April 2021 11:57 AM GMT

T20 cricket is designed to entertain the fans.

With menacing willows, lightning-fast outfields, short boundaries, and bouncer rules that aid the batsman, the format is tailor-made for the batsman to dominate the bowler.

And nothing is quite as thrilling as watching the ball soar in the night sky and into the stands or as is the case now, over and out of the stadium.

The IPL brings the best in the business from across the world. And over the years, several stalwarts have graced the tournament and smacked many a six out of the park.

Here are the top-five batsmen with the most number of sixes in the history of the IPL.

#5 Virat Kohli

The Royal Challengers Bangalore legend has played 196 games for the franchise and has called the team home since the inception of the IPL. Through his career with the reds, he has smashed a total of 204 sixes.

Unlike several others that slog their way to a big score, virtually all of Kohli's big hits are proper cricketing strokes.

#4 MS Dhoni

Think IPL, think Chennai Super Kings, think MS Dhoni.

Barring the two years when the franchise was banned, Dhoni has been the mainstay of the team. The skipper has attained the admiration of fans and drawn praise from the critics for taking the franchise to great heights.

Along the way, he has hammered 217 sixes in the IPL as well.

When the big heavy Dhoni willow comes down, there is only one place the ball is headed – into orbit.

#3 Rohit Sharma

When a young Rohit Sharma turned out for India in their victorious 2007 T20 World Cup campaign, the marks of greatness were there for all to see.

Years later, after 220 IPL sixes, we have all been treated to repeated master classes in T20 batting by the Mumbai maestro.

While everyone has a trademark short, Rohit has his as well – the pull, off of a ball pitched just a tad bit short of good length.

#2 AB de Villiers

With 240 sixes in the IPL, this South African legend is number two on this list.

There is no corner of the park that he can't paint and Mr.360 is perhaps the most appropriate title to his fare.

With a golf-like swing, he sends them over long-off and long-on, sweeper covers, and over cow corner.

And every now and then, he scoops the bowler over short-fine leg and occasionally, switch-hits them over short-third man.

To say that he's a treat to watch will be an understatement.

#1 Chris Gayle

A sixes leaderboard without this West Indian is incomplete.

With 352 IPL sixes, Chris Gayle leads the all-time IPL sixes list.

While he's worn several jerseys through his IPL career, there has been just one constant – his big-hitting.

Straight down the ground, flat over covers and the slog over wide long-on – Gayle likes them all.

And when not bringing bowlers down to their knees, he's singing and dancing at every given opportunity.

An IPL without the presence of Chris Gayle would somewhat be incomplete.

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