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Indian Premier League 2021

IPL 2021: SRH vs RCB: Play of the Day – The Maxi scoop

Riding on the back of Maxwell’s 59, RCB posted 149/8.

IPL 2021: SRH vs RCB: Play of the Day – The Maxi scoop

The Aussie star pulled out a bag of tricks to get RCB to a competitive total (Credits: BCCI)


Rahul Kargal

Published: 14 April 2021 5:03 PM GMT

Ever since Dilshan stunned the world with the 'Dil-scoop', batting has never been the same.

While the Sri Lankan's version was an outrageous scoop over his and the keeper's head, the safer version sees the ball sail over short-fine leg.

The beauty of batting is improvisation and innovation.

And over the years, the scoop-bug has mutated into the now popular yet hard to pull off 'reverse scoop'.

"The big show, having a go"

Against SRH, the Aussie started slow but gradually worked himself in a good batting rhythm.

The strokes began to flow and with skipper Kohli, he built a solid partnership as the duo looked to up the ante.

Wickets, however, fell at regular intervals and Maxwell had to anchor the RCB batting.

At 128/6 and in the 18th over, the pressure was well and truly on Maxwell to find the fence in a bid to get RCB to a competitive total.

Natarajan was entrusted with the job of putting the breaks on the Aussie.

Nattu did what he knows best – keep it full.

But Maxwell had drawn up his game plan.

Knowing all too well that the third man was in the ring, Maxwell planted his right foot outside the off stump just as the pacer hurled the ball in.

With a quick turn of the wrists, the bat-face was now facing the off-side and just as soon as the ball made contact, there was only one direction that it was headed – over the keeper and short third man's heads and into the fence.

"The big show, having a go," said Danny Morrison in commentary.

True to his words, Maxwell did have a crack at the reverse-scoop and to his credit, pulled it off to perfection.

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