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Indian Premier League 2021

IPL 2021: RCB vs DC – KS Bharat's bat screams the Never Say Die spirit!

KS Bharat led an incredible resistance in the final over to deny Delhi Capitals the victory!

KS Bharat did the unthinkable on the final ball to guide RCB to an outstanding victory over DC [Source: IPL]

KS Bharat did the unthinkable on the final ball to guide RCB to an outstanding victory over DC [Source: IPL]


Anjishnu Roy

Updated: 8 Oct 2021 6:45 PM GMT

It wasn't possible, it couldn't have been possible but Royal Challengers Bangalore led by a mesmerizing KS Bharat have just pocketed a sensational win against table-toppers Delhi Capitals in the final league match of this season!

Needing 15 to win off the final over, the game was still in Delhi Capitals' hands. Avesh Khan, who was delivering the final over had been impeccable all night and had conceded just 16 runs in his previous three overs. Even with Glenn Maxwell and KS Bharat looking potent, surely, captain Rishabh Pant would have been thinking it to be in the bag already.

And after the first four deliveries of the over, nearly every DC fan would've been considering it an appropriate time to take it easy and recharge the batteries for the knockout rounds. RCB still needed eight runs off the last couple of deliveries but both batters Glenn Maxwell and KS Bharat looked absolutely spent and Avesh Khan was nailing his Yorkers with fine precision.

Glenn Maxwell notched up his sixth half-century of IPL 2021 [Source: IPL]

In fact, after he bowled the dot ball which KS Bharat missed completely, Khan tried to stifle a quiet laugh and captain Pant who held the ball in his gloves also seemed exuberant. Little did they know that the sport of cricket had yet another lesson in store for them.

Right, so the fifth delivery is where the action begins. Avesh Khan bowled an inch-perfect yorker on the penultimate delivery of the game and Bharat could only dig it out to long on. A single here would've meant game over for RCB but Axar Patel fumbled and an opportunity crept up for RCB.

Now, usually the second run would've never been on as both Bharat and Maxwell were on spent legs and the former even denied taking the second run twice. However, a very surprising and complete lackadaisical effort from Axar gave RCB the chance to take two runs and the butterfly effect had been set in motion.

Needing a six off the last delivery, Bharat shifted along his crease. Although Avesh sensed that movement, he completely missed his line and length and ended up bowling a wide to give RCB yet another shot at attempting glory. This time, they weren't taking no for an answer.

Avesh missed his length once again, and Bharat got plenty of bat on the lower full toss to send it miles into the Dubai night sky and sent wild celebrations around the entire stadium by sending it over the line! 'OH, MY GOD! OH, MY GOD!' even the usually-verbally-laden commentators in the box were falling short of words. Yes, it had been just that kind of a night. Oh, the magic of the IPL!

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