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Indian Premier League 2021

IPL 2021: MI vs SRH: Play of the day: Jonny comes to play

Bairstow stung Trent Blout with his power-play.

IPL 2021: MI vs SRH: Play of the day: Jonny comes to play

Bairstow's 43 (22) got Hyderabad off to a flyer (File photo)


Rahul Kargal

Published: 17 April 2021 5:58 PM GMT

Chasing the Mumbai total of 150 in search of their first win of IPL 2021, Hyderabad made a noticeable change at the top of the order.

Jonny Bairstow walked out to bat with skipper Warner.

And the impact was immediate.

The Englishman lit up the power-play overs and the duo took Hyderabad to 67 in no time.

But Mumbai being Mumbai, somehow found a way back. They reduced Hyderabad from 90/2 to 137/10 to clinch the game by 13 runs.

Regardless of the outcome of the game, our Play of the Day focus is a patch of four-ball in the third over of the Hyderabad run-chase when Jonny Bairstow had Trend Boult for dinner.

Delightful strokeplay

After conceding just two runs in his first over, Bout returned in the third-over of the innings.

The Englishman treated the first ball of the over - pitched just short of good length on the middle stump - with disdain. He heaved it into the vacant deep square leg fence for four.

Credit: BCCI

The second delivery was an offer cutter but the outcome was identical. Bairstow pulled this one wide of the deep fine-leg fence.

Back to back boundaries.

Danny Morrisson was quick to pounce on the stroke in the commentary box. "Jonny's come lately but he's come to play," he said.

Boult, now under the gun, decided to change things up.

He came around the wicket this time and took pace off again while employing the off-cutter.

Credit: BCCI

Unfortunately for him, the ball landed in the slot for Bairstow who drove it in the air, over the long-off fence and straight into the Hyderabad dug-out refrigerator.

The six from Bairstow crashed into the Hyderabad dug-out refrigerator (Credit: BCCI)

Having conceded 14-runs from three deliveries, Boult decided to pull the Yorker out of his hat.

But a low full toss emerged, much to Bairstow's delight.

A drive over extra-cover brought four more runs to the Englishman and the team's kitty.

18-runs from four deliveries changed the momentum and Bairstow had well and truly lit up the run chase with his power play.

You can watch the entire Bairstow-blitz here on

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