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Indian Premier League 2021

IPL 2021: Australia suspends flights from India; Lynn appeals for support

The move is bound to fuel the strife of anxiety-ridden Australians in the IPL.

IPL 2021: Australia suspends flights from India; Lynn appeals for support

The Australian government's move could further unsettle their players in the IPL (File photo)


Rahul Kargal

Updated: 27 April 2021 5:29 AM GMT

The Australian government has decided to suspend all incoming commercial flights from India until the 15th of May.

Emergency cabinet meetings were held at length this morning after which the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison made the announcement.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has ordered the immediate suspension as of this morning.

Chris Lynn's appeal

The move is likely to create further anxiety amongst the several Australians across the various franchises in the Indian Premier League.

Cricket Australia released a statement yesterday stating that they are in touch with their players in India and are constantly monitoring their safety.

Meanwhile, Mumbai Indians' Chris Lynn, speaking to News Corp media, has requested the governing body for support in ferrying the players back home.

"I texted back that as Cricket Australia make 10% of every IPL contract was there a chance we could spend that money this year on a charter flight once the tournament is over?"

"I know there are people worse off than us. But we are going from a really tight bubble and are getting vaccinated next week so hopefully the government will let us get home on a private charter," he said.

"We are not asking for shortcuts and we signed up knowing the risks. But it would be great to get home as soon as the event is over," he added.

Cricket Australia has not made a public comment thus far in response to Lynn's request.

These development come on the back of Richardson, Tye and Zampa pulling out of the IPL over fears of being locked out in India with Australia deciding to close its borders.

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