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Indian Premier League 2021

Watch the IPL moments that will tickle your funny bone

Revisit the laughs and smiles that the IPL has produced over the years.

Watch the IPL moments that will tickle your funny bone

From the witty Dhoni to the ragged Jakati, here are a set of incidents that tickled the fan's funny bone (File photo)


Anjishnu Roy

Updated: 23 April 2021 10:14 AM GMT

The Indian Premier League is no stranger to merry and frenzy.

While the stakes involved when the teams collide are very high, quite often, the audience is entertained with moments of comic relief in between tense fixtures.

Hee are just some of these moments of jest that got everyone rolling on the floor laughing:

6. Chris Gayle chases Yuvraj with a bat

The match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Delhi Daredevils in IPL 2015 was interrupted by rain. As the players started making their way back to the pavilion, Yuvraj Singh, known for his comic nature pushed his RCB teammate, Chris Gayle.

Gayle took it in a friendly manner and responded by trying to chase Yuvi with a bat, a scene that managed to entertain a dim crowd.

5. Taped mouth, no questions asked

Kieron Pollard taped his mouth shut after a warning from the Umpire

Kieron Pollard and Chris Gayle are known for their fun-loving and light-hearted nature. The West Indies cricketers share a great bond and quite often have a go at each other. The same happened when RCB faced MI in the IPL.

Kieron Pollard was constantly trying to sledge Gayle and distract him from batting. Pollard was interrupted by the umpire and asked to stay quiet. Responding to the umpire's order, Pollard actually stuck a tape to his mouth in the next over, making everyone in the commentary box roar with laughter.

4. Shikhar Dhawan dances at the crease

IPL 2019 was rocked with controversy when Kings XI Punjab's Ravichandran Ashwin decided to Mankad Rajasthan Royals' Joss Buttler. Buttler was cruising at the moment when this incident happened and he was left furious by it. Several cricket personalities also deemed the move unsportsmanlike.

In the game against Delhi Capitals, Ravi Ashwin attempted the same against Shikhar Dhawan. Ashwin stopped mid-way before completing his bowling action and Dhawan, who was at his crease took the moment to enthrall the Kotla crowd.

He got to one knee, with one hand on his hip, and facing Ashwin, made a gesture of 'I'm not going anywhere.' Furthermore, even during Ashwin's run-up, Shikhar Dhawan looked at him and put on some hilarious stuttering moves at his end.

You can watch the video of his actions here.

3. Warner's Kiss

In IPL 2013, David Warner and Kieron Pollard had an on-field verbal battle.

The big West Indian cricketer and the Australian heavy-hitter exchanged a few words.

When Warner missed a Pollard delivery, the all-rounder walked up to him but just before he could brag, Warner sent a flying kiss towards Polly.

Kieron Pollard had this reaction when David Warner sent him a flying kiss

Being the melodramatic persona that he is, Pollard made a bizarre comic gesture with his face as if he was saying 'Ewwwww.'

2. Dhoni stumps KP the commentator

MS Dhoni is known for his razor-cool wit and sharp humor. In IPL 2017, former England captain Kevin Pietersen experienced this first hand.

Sitting in the comm box, Pietersen decided to have a go at Dhoni and asked Manoj Tiwary on the field to communicate to Dhoni that the Englishman was a better golfer.

With the mic in his ear and responding to Pietersen, Tiwary duly obliged and went up to his wicket-keeper captain.

Dhoni's retort was this - "He's still my first Test wicket."

The instantaneous response left everyone in the commentary box bursting with laughter while Kevin Pietersen was left embarrassed.

1. Jakati leaves Dhoni furious

The most hilarious of all of these has to be the Jakati run-out fiasco for Chennai Super Kings.

There's not much to be said about this incident, just watch it from 1:20 onwards here.

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