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Fan identifies ice-hockey team member's cancerous mole from stands, saves life

A fan who had gone to watch an ice-hockey match in Canada saved one of the team member's life through the prognosis of his cancerous mole.

Fan identifies ice-hockey team members cancerous mole from stands, saves life

The Bridge Desk

Published: 3 Jan 2022 6:43 AM GMT

Nadia Popovici, a medical school aspirant in Canada, had gone to watch the ice hockey match between Seattle Kraken vs Vancouver Canucks without the slightest of an idea that her prognosis would be saving someone's life. While the match was underway, Popovici noticed a mole on the neck of Canucks' assistant equipment manager Brian Hamilton. All she did was convey to the person that the mole could be cancerous.

On her phone, she wrote, "The mole on the back of your neck is cancer," in enlarged fonts and kept on knocking the plexiglass that separates the ice hockey playing arena and the audience stand. Amid all the frenzy about over the match, Hamilton finally was able to read her message. After seeing the alert, he consulted the team doctor and a biopsy found out that it was indeed cancerous.

Hamilton's mole was a malignant melanoma that could have turned more severe. Fortunately, early detection saved his life. Hamilton and his family wanted to thank Popavici for her prognosis but they didn't know anything about her. On Saturday, as the Canucks kick-started their second match, they posted a letter from Hamilton that narrated the entire heart-touching incident on social media. He expressed his thanks and desire to meet the woman who actually saved his life.

Within a couple of hours, Popavici was found when her mother came across the post on another social media page. Hamilton was able to thank Popavici in person. Two hockey teams, Vancouver Canucks and the Seattle Kraken announced during a game that they will give Popovici a 10,000-dollar scholarship to cover her medical school costs.

Canucks posted footage of "Red" and Popovici finally meeting and embracing each other as a token of thanks. "I'm thrilled," Hamilton said on a Zoom media call. "It's the whole reason the letter was written. I wanted to thank her for her persistence." He added, "My mom wants her to know she loves her."

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