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Women's Asian Champions Trophy LIVE - India beats Thailand 13-0 - Updates, Results, Scores, Blog

Follow us for all the LIVE updates from India's clash against Thailand in the Women's Asian Champions Trophy 2021.

Womens Asian Champions Trophy LIVE - India beats Thailand 13-0 - Updates, Results, Scores, Blog

The Bridge Desk

Updated: 5 Dec 2021 5:21 AM GMT

Welcome to The Bridge's LIVE Blog from India's clash against Thailand in Women's Asian Champions Trophy 2021

After being postponed by more than a year due to the covid-19 pandemic, the women's Asian Champions Trophy is back in action. A biannual event will see six teams - India, China, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand fighting it out for the top honours.

Led by Savita Punia in the absence of their charismatic skipper, Rani Rampal, the Indian women will start their campaign against debutants Thailand. The match is expected to begin at 9:15 am IST.

Stay tuned for all the latest updates!

Live Updates

  • 5 Dec 2021 5:21 AM GMT

    Thank you for joining!

    Thank you for tuning into The Bridge's Live coverage of India's clash against Thailand. This has been a wonderful start to Janneke Schopman's career as the head coach of women in blue. The Thai women on the could not have found any worse way to lose on their Asian Champions Trophy debut.

    See you next time, when India takes on Malaysia tomorrow!

  • 5 Dec 2021 5:19 AM GMT

    Whistle BLOWS!

    The final whistle of the match blows and that's the end. What a match for the Indians. They not only found the back of the net a whopping 13 times, but also managed to keep a clean slate. In fact, the Indian goalkeeper was not even required at all in the day. SUCH DOMINATION.

    Full Time

    India 13-0 Thailand

  • 5 Dec 2021 5:14 AM GMT

    Same old story!

    Yet another PC for India, and Gurjit convertssss! Goal number 13th of the match for the women in blue.

    India 13-0 Thailand

  • 5 Dec 2021 5:11 AM GMT

    There's the 12th goal

    The Thai defence puts up a brave fight, but eventually crumbles as India slots in one more from the field. Their first of this quarter.

    India 12-0 Thailand

  • 5 Dec 2021 5:06 AM GMT

    10 mins remain!

    Just 10 minutes remaining in this contest and much like the start the Indians are still pressing hard. The Thai defence though has managed to withstand everything so far in the final quarter.

  • 5 Dec 2021 5:02 AM GMT

    Final Quarter!

    The fourth quarters start and India attempts a shot from almost the halfline. That is just wide.

  • 5 Dec 2021 4:59 AM GMT

    3rd Quarter ENDS!

    There is the whistle and that's the end of the third quarter. India were a bit restraint in the past 15 minutes, but they have still managed to net two more - both field goals.

    Will Thailand be able to score at least 1?

    India 11-0 Thailand

  • 5 Dec 2021 4:56 AM GMT

    Sonika scores now!

    Just rubbing salt into the wounds of the Thai. To be honest, India did not even seem close to scoring but the Thailand defence makes a mess out of it.

    India 11-0 Thailand

  • 5 Dec 2021 4:53 AM GMT

    40 minutes!

    40 minutes done and dusted and the Indians have slowed down their game in this quarter. They know they have this in the bag and are just passing it around without much fuss for now.

  • 5 Dec 2021 4:48 AM GMT


    That circle penetration proves costly for Thailand as India creates a quick counterattack. The Thai defence runs back to stop it, but the coordination between the Indian players is just top notch. A wonderful field goal. That was brilliant teamwork by the Indians.

    India 10-0 Thailand

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