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Tomahawks, Rusher, Drag flicker — Hockey terms get popular as Indian teams show promise

After the Indian hockey team made it to the semis, terms like tomahawks, rusher, drag flicks became the talk of the town

Indian Men and Women Hockey Teams

Indian Men and Women Hockey Teams at Tokyo Olympics (Source: Hockey India)


Kalptaru Agarwal

Updated: 4 Aug 2021 12:47 PM GMT

The Indian women's hockey team played an extraordinary match against Australia to register a historic win by 1-0 in the quarters at the Tokyo Olympics. Also, the men's hockey team played well in the semis against Belgium but finally lost to them 5-2.

Since the team have played their respective matches, it has sparked some curiosity about hockey terminology which has been the point of discussion amongst the fans. Let's break down those terms for your better understanding of the game as the women's team take on Argentina in their semi-final encounter while the men's face Germany in their bronze medal match.


Tomahawaks as you might have heard through the commentators is a key shooting skill in the field hockey game. Easily said, it's the backhand shot which can pack a powerful punch on the opponent's goal. It allows the player to attack from a left sided stance (when performed correctly) and open up play to allow both shooting and efficient passing.

(Source: Hockey Australia)


Rushers are like a cavalry charging in the face of heavy fire. While the team taking the penalty corner shoots with full force, the rushers job is to protect the ball fron entering the net.

The one leading the pack is the first rusher who is the first defensive player running towards the drag flicker to save the goal. India's Manpreet Singh (men) and Sushila Chanu (women) are amongst the best first rushers but it's one of the scariest jobs in hockey.

(Source: The Indian Express)

Drag flicker

Drag flicking is one of the most cruicial art of hockey while scoring a goal which involves a player to crouch low next to the ball and picking it up on the shaft of the hockey stick.

It is used to score a goal during a penalty corner and a drag flicker is of utmost importance. India's Gurjit Kaur (women) and Rupinder Pal Singh (men) are amongst the best in this job. Gurjit even scored the only goal in the quarters against Australia via a drag flick.

Now the next time, you will be aware of these terms and can detect the gameplay whenever any commentator mentions it or is discussed in your group.

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