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Premier Handball League: Telugu Talons qualify for semi-finals

Telugu Talons became the second team to qualify for the semi-finals of the Premier Handball League.

Premier Handball League: Telugu Talons qualify for semi-finals

The Bridge Desk

Updated: 20 Jun 2023 5:24 AM GMT

Telugu Talons edged out the Golden Eagles Uttar Pradesh to become the second team after Maharashtra Ironmen to qualify for the semi-finals of the Premier Handball League.

Davinder Singh Bhullar and Naseeb Singh gave the Talons a fast start to the game which saw them take a slender lead early on in the encounter.

The Golden Eagles looked to recover quickly as Jyotiram Bhushan Shinde and Sukhveer Singh Brar came to life and leveled the scores. The Golden Eagles looked to use their momentum to establish a lead but Rahul TK in the Talon's goal was standing resolute as he made superb saves to make sure his team did not fall too behind.

The Talons started the second half determined to take the lead while the Golden Eagles were hoping for the same. Davinder Singh Bhullar opened the scoring for the Talons in the second half, while Kailash Patel was putting on a masterclass from the wings as the duo helped Telugu take an early lead in the second half.

However, the Golden Eagles again found a way back into the game thanks to Sahil Rana and Mahesh Ugile who made sure Uttar Pradesh were matching the Talons blow for blow.

Omid Reza and Rahul TK were also constantly making superb saves that added to the excitement of the game. The match was finely poised going into the last 10 minutes.

However, Anil Khudia provided the Talons with a much-needed breakthrough that helped his team establish a slender lead and was assisted by Davinder who helped the Talons extend their lead further.

The Talons’ lead was cut short thanks to some explosive counters by the Golden Eagles which were being led by Jyotiram Bhushan Shinde.

The Talons were able to hold onto their slender lead as the game came to an end soon after. The scores read 26-25 in favour of the Telugu Talons who had secured yet another victory.

Kailash Patel of the Talons was awarded the most valuable player of the Match award for his vital contributions in attack from the wing.

In the second game of the day, Delhi Panzers outplayed Garvit Gujarat by 41-35. Delhi put on an attacking masterclass in the match that was led by Bhupender Ghanghas.

Delhi Panzers started the game swiftly as they took an early lead in the game thanks to Captain Deepak Ahlawat, Bhupender Ghanghas, and Ashok Nain.

Garvit Gujarat also got into their attacking groove rather quickly as Tarun Thakur, Harender Singh Nain, and Mohit Ghanghas brought their team back into the game.

Gujarat was quick to close down the narrow deficit as Mohammed Shuja Ur Rehman started seeing more of the ball. Bhupender Ghanghas was also playing well as his goals made sure Gujarat was not able to take the lead.

Jasmeet Singh was also doing his bit for the Panzers but at best allowed his team to level the scores. Soon after the half came to a close as the scores read 17 all, as both tematchedhing each other stride for stride in the first period.

Gujarat started the second half aggressively as they took a narrow lead in the opening minutes of the half thanks to Harender Singh and Shuja Ur Rehman.

However, the Panzers ensured Gujarat’s narrow lead was short-lived thanks to their new addition Ramesh Chandra and Bhupender Ghanghas.

Some superb saves by Rakesh Kumar in the Delhi goal saw them establish a narrow lead. At the same time, goals from Mohit Ghanghas and Harender Singh made sure that Delhi was not able to establish a considerable lead.

Dinesh Kumar and Ramesh Chandra also looked on-song for Delhi as they were finding it easy to expose the gaps in Gujarat’s defense.

The Panzers Bhupender Singh and Deepak Ahlawat were scoring with almost every shot they took. While a sense of urgency was causing Gujarat to rush their shot at goals, thus they were struggling to convert.

Going into the last 5 minutes of the game Delhi had established a considerable lead as the scores read 31-36 in favour of the Panzers. Soon after the game came to an end as the scores read 35-41 in favour of the Delhi Panzers.

Bhupender Ghanghas was adjudged to be the most valuable player of the match also for his astounding attacking output.

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