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Tokyo Olympics: Gymnast Simone Biles is dealing with "twisties"

USA star gymnast Simone Biles said that she's dealing with a bout of "the twisties" and hence is uncertain about continuing to compete at Tokyo Olympics

Simone Biles of USA is dealing with twisties at Tokyo Olympics

Simone Biles of USA (Source:AFP)



Updated: 2021-07-30T11:50:26+05:30

Olympic star Simone Biles says she's dealing with a bout of "the twisties" and is uncertain whether she'll continue to compete at the Tokyo Games.

Biles, who withdrew from the team and all-around competition because she felt she wasn't mentally prepared, said she started struggling with her air awareness after qualifying last Sunday.

The "twisties" are gymnastics codes for when an athlete can't figure out where they are in relation to the ground during a routine. Biles admitted she was dealing with them after the U.S. took silver in the team competition Tuesday.

This isn't the first time Biles has dealt with the phenomenon. She said the length of the episodes has varied but typically lasts around two weeks.

She is scheduled to compete in all four event finals early next week but has not made a decision on whether she will participate.

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