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The GOAT, Simone Biles is back!

Simone Biles is back for one last chance at a medal at the Tokyo Olympics!

The GOAT, Simone Biles is back!

Aditi Gandhi

Updated: 2 Aug 2021 2:47 PM GMT

Simone Biles was the most anticipated athlete coming into the Tokyo Olympics, expected to win multiple golds and create all kinds of history. After an uncharacteristic qualification, based on Simone standards anyway, although she found herself in first, she was not content. A few missteps here and there may seem like a small issue, but for Simone who competes only against herself to be the best she can be, it wasn't good enough.

Most considered it to be just a one-off day for Simone. They expected her to come back with her usual prowess and high-flying gymnastics. Only Simone knew what she was going through behind the curtain.

The morning following qualifications, Simone strangely began struggling with the 'twisties', a condition where gymnasts tend to get 'lost' in the air and their mind and body feel 'disconnected' which makes doing high difficulty moves very dangerous. Simone continued to perform at team finals despite the struggle. After a weird warm-up where she did only 1.5 twists on her vault instead of the usual 2.5, most seem concerned. Simone went on to do the same in the main vault as well, and jumped off the podium, lost. She immediately made her way backstage and it was announced she would not compete of any other events.

Following this, she withdrew from the individual all-around as well as the vault, bars and floor final.

She's back!

However, it has been exactly one week and we hope you are ready because, tomorrow is the final day of artistic gymnastics at the Tokyo Olympics and we end with the highly anticipated beam final. And things just got very spicy because USA Gymnastics announced that Simone Biles will be competing in the beam final tomorrow!

This is exactly the news gymnastics fans around the world wished to hear. After a frustrating week, Simone seems to have regained confidence and composure and will fight for her last chance at a medal tomorrow in the beam final.

However, Simone competes her eponymous dismount off the balance beam, which involves two twists and two flips, and can prove challenging for her. There are reports from her teammates, Mykayla Skinner, that Simone will opt for an easier, non-twisting dismount, the double pike somersault, to help her confidence and reduce the stress on her. How this will play out, is only a matter of time!

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