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Gymnastics federation President's letters are forged, says Narinder Batra

IOA president has written a letter to the FIG saying that he is unaware that his signatures were forged and national federation head Sudhakar Shetty has no interest in the sport.

Gymnastics federation Presidents letters are forged, says Narinder Batra

Karan Vinod

Published: 17 Oct 2019 10:11 AM GMT

Indian Olympic Association (IOA) president Narinder Batra has written a letter to the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG), alleging that the head of the national federation Sudhakar Shetty has no interest in the sport and is unaware that his signatures were “forged” by the other officials.

Batra wrote in the letter that "all is not well in the Gymnastics Federation of India and a smokescreen has been created (to show) that legally all is well”. He asked the world body to look into the governance issue of the GFI.

Narinder Batra
Narinder Batra

The GFI, which is going to polls on November 3, has been involved in discord for quite some time now, has rival groups claiming the right to run the sport in the country.

In a letter (shared with media) addressed to FIG President Morinari Watanabe and General Secretary Nicolas Buompane, Batra said: “I have been made aware of the situation within GFI almost by over 12 months that the GFI president is hardly aware of anything going on in GFI ... and does not have time for GFI.

“I was informed that the signatures on letters being sent under the name of GFI President are being forged by one gentleman by the name of maybe Mr. Deepak and he also had passwords of the emails...all emails/along with letters to FIG was being done by him only and it was known that the GFI president may not be aware of many things,” the IOA chief wrote in his letter.

Batra did have a telephonic conversation where he asked Shetty whether he knew of his October 1st letter from the FIG and his subsequent reply letter on October 7th wherein he said that the conditions prescribed in the letter (of October 1) of the world body were not required.

“Mr. Shetty categorically told me that he has not seen the letter sent by FIG on October 1, 2019, wherein FIG wants verification of Electoral College by IOA president.” Batra further wrote in his letter to FIG, dated October 13.

“On my second query that he had sent a three-page letter signed by him to FIG on October 7 saying that the conditions of the FIG letter of October 1 are not required.

“Mr. Shetty was very clear in confirming to me that he has not seen or signed any letter or authorized for electronic signature on October 7 which has been sent to FIG from his side and the letter could be under his forged signature.”

“But I informed Mr. Shetty that the same forged signature which was coming one year back was the same as that of October 7 letter.

“I also informed Mr. Shetty that the letters and e-mails under his name till three months back were being sent from Ahmadabad and Navi Mumbai and for the last three months from Gurugram.

“It is entirely up to him as to how he puts his house in order and adopts good governance practices within his office.”

The IOA chief wondered how the list of voters in the Electoral College has been constantly changing and reduced to 17.

“The voter list from 17 goes to 20 then to 22 and back to 17, why and how? In 2015 there were 17 members, they become 20 in 2018, then 22 in 2029 and once again in 2019 they become 17.

“I personally will have no issue if I am not wanted to verify the list of voters (in the Electoral College) as I do not want to be a roadblock to anyone. FIG may look into the governance issue of its member unit from India (GFI).”

Shetty was unavailable for comment.

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