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Will the FIFA World Cup 2022 affect the rest of the season in PL?

Will the FIFA World Cup 2022 affect the rest of the season in PL?

Saudi Arabia defeated Argentina in the FIFA World Cup 2022. (Source: Reuters)


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Updated: 7 Dec 2022 7:44 AM GMT

The Premier League (PL) and the FIFA World Cup carry global reputations in the sports world. The former, the PL, takes place every year and comprises 20 teams across Wales and England. Being one of the top leagues in the soccer world, the PL rakes in remarkably high viewership. In fact, in the previous 2021-2022 PL season, around 26.8 million people—roughly 40% of the UK's total population—reportedly tuned into the live coverages. While the exact figures were not revealed for its 2022-2023 counterpart that started last August 5, the 2022-2023 season has still been raking in tremendous viewership and popularity.

Unlike the PL, the FIFA World Cup focuses on football and only takes place every four years. This tournament has been going on since 1930—for nearly a century now. 32 different teams compete with each other to bring home the world cup victory.

Considering how the PL is still running until May 2023 and has no scheduled winter break thus far, the two major sports events are intersecting with each other. This overlap cannot be overlooked. Some who are on the lookout for FIFA world cup betting odds from 10CRIC may be wondering how the FIFA World Cup launched this November would affect the 2022-2023 PL's remaining season.

Why FIFA World Cup Held In Winter?

In previous years, the PL's seasons were not affected by FIFA World Cup because the latter typically happened during the summer months. During such months, the PL and other similar leagues had already officially wrapped up. However, the World Cup started this November and go on until December.

Such changes were decided because of the host country's—Qatar's—intense heat that could go as high as 40 degrees Celsius during the summer. While its duration is still significantly shorter compared to the PL, the FIFA World Cup is bound to affect the schedule of the PL.

How FIFA World Cup 2022 Will Affect PL 2022-2023

The PL has already announced schedule adjustments made in light of the FIFA World Cup's schedule. For one, the PL paused its play starting on November 14 and will resume on December 26. Such changes are made so that players can freely leave the PL team to play with their nation's team during the FIFA World Cup.

This is the first time in history that the PL called a prolonged mid-season break. During this period, players were granted a week to prepare with their national teammates. After that, they were on their way to Qatar to compete in the FIFA World Cup.

Once the World Cup ends by December, PL players will only have around 8 days to patch up and recover before the PL resumes. Such a schedule is quite tight but players can only go along with these changes.

Because of this significant break, the PL season would have to extend until May 28, 2023. This date is quite later compared to the PL's usual mid-May end.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Affects Schedules Of Other Leagues

While the PL is a major league that tops popularity amongst other rivals, it is not the only league that has to adjust to the schedule of the FIFA World Cup. The Spanish top division, La Liga, for one, also has schedule adjustments in place to accommodate the World Cup.

The La Liga 2022 season officially opened last August 12 and is scheduled to go on until June 2023. In light of the FIFA World Cup's schedule, there will also be an implemented pause in the La Liga league once a midweek round is finished by November 9.

There will be no La Liga games over the Christmas season. Such games in Spain will officially resume by December 31 yet.

Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, MLS, A-League, and UEFA also have schedule adjustments in place to make way for the FIFA World Cup 2022.

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