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What your favourite Card Game says about you

The kind of games you like to play can tell a lot about your personality


Blackjack Card Game


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Updated: 5 July 2023 10:23 AM GMT

Your choices in life can tell a lot about you. Your likes and dislikes form the basis of your personality and tend to reveal many things about the kind of person you are and aspire to be.

Some people like sunsets over sunrises, or the sea and beaches over mountains. Similarly, the kind of games you like to play can tell a lot about your personality.

Card games are a much-loved way of passing time, in general. Most people love one or another type of card game even if they don't play it all too often. Let's take a look at what it means to like some of these popular card games.

1. UNO

This classic card game has long been the favourite for family game nights. Even though it tests friendships and pushes the boundaries of personal relationships (especially when the "Draw 4" card comes into play), UNO is not likely to be dethroned from its lofty position in the popularity of card games.

If UNO is your favourite card game, you are likely cool and calculating, and you have trouble giving up control. You like to be in the driving seat always and don't like to ever depend on chance or luck. You are also fun to hangout with and love entertaining people.

2. Blackjack

Blackjack (also known as 21) is a traditional card game that partly depends on pure luck and partly on the smarts of the player. The goal of the game is to have a hand which adds up to (or as close to as possible without going over) the numeric value of 21. Played against a dealer, this game is an exhilarating casino classic.

People who favor Blackjack as a card game tend to be intelligent and sharp-witted. If this is your game, most likely you are a person who prides themselves on their ability to make the best of any situation. You are a hustler and you very well know it. Did you know that people play blackjack on Indian online casinos nowadays?

3. Poker

Poker is possibly the most famous card game of all time - even people who don't necessarily understand the game do know about it. It is also a game that's partially dependent on luck and partly on the players skills and wit.

Poker lovers, who are generally considered good at the game, are likely detached, calm personalities with very stable temperaments. Emotional stability is a prerequisite of doing well in poker. We are willing to bet that, if poker is your favourite card game, you have a very good handle on your emotions and don't usually wear your heart on your sleeve.

4. Solitaire

Ah the comfort game of introverts! Solitaire is played by a single player and you win or lose against a deck of cards. It is a game of patience, organisation, and attention to detail.

If you love playing solitaire, you are likely an introverted person who likes to organise their thoughts and belongings in a specific manner. You are very particular about where everything goes and do not appreciate changes or unplanned spontaneity. You probably like to plan everything in advance in superb detail and are very meticulous in general.

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