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Top 5 Emerging Players of Pro Kabaddi League Season 10

Pro Kabaddi Season 10 showcases the best kabaddi talent, fierce rivalries, and intense matches as teams battle it out for the coveted championship title. With its fast-paced action and passionate fan base, PKL Season 10 promises to deliver excitement and entertainment to kabaddi enthusiasts worldwide

Top 5 Emerging Players of Pro Kabaddi League Season 10

Pro Kabaddi League (Source: ABP News)


Mukul Sharma

Updated: 5 March 2024 7:11 AM GMT

The 12-city caravan format returns for Season 10 of the Pro Kabaddi League, was started on December 2, 2023, at the Arena by Transstadia Stadium in Ahmedabad and concluded on March 1, 2024, at GMC Balayogi Sports Complex in Gachibowli, Hyderabad.

Pro Kabaddi Season 10 was one of the best seasons in the history of the PKL, where Puneri Paltan lifted their first title by defeating the Haryana Steelers in a close encounter. Season 10 has been particularly notable for the emergence of new talent, with several players leaving their mark and demonstrating their prowess, reassuring fans that Kabaddi's future is safe. Besides the exceptional performance of young players, there were a few undeniable impacts that consistently turned heads with their stellar displays and secured victories seemingly out of thin air. Here are the top 5 emerging players of Season 10.

1. Yogesh Dahiya (Defender)

Yogesh Dahiya is awarded as the best-emerging player this season. He entered the scene with a stellar reputation as a junior world champion, entrusted with the role of right corner defender for Dabang Delhi KC at the onset of the tournament. Yogesh struggled initially but found his rhythm as the tournament progressed. His fearless and aggressive style intimidated raiders, making it difficult for them to secure bonus points.

Yogesh highlighted his complete skill set expected of a defender, with his impeccable blocking and strong back holds against formidable raiders being particularly impressive. Throughout the season, Yogesh demonstrated remarkable consistency, tallying an impressive 74 tackle points across 23 matches; this included 5 high fives and 6 super tackles, securing him the position as the third-best defender of the tournament. Yogesh Dahiya emerged as one of the finest young talents produced by the PKL.

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2. Nitin Kumar (Raider)

Nitin Kumar, hailing from Kaloi village in Jhajjar, Haryana, emerged as a pivotal figure in the tournament as the best supportive raider. His remarkable composure and adeptness in challenging scenarios highlighted his potential to lead the raiding department, particularly in the absence of Maninder Singh.

Notably, Nitin Kumar strategically focuses on scoring bonus points in low-scoring matches, exerting pressure on the opposing team. Throughout 20 matches, he amassed an impressive tally of 169 raid points, boasting an average of 8.45 per raid, and scored 8 Super 10 in the season, surpassing even some team-lead raiders. His contributions were instrumental in Bengal Warriors' victories, and his commitment to excellence sets a promising trajectory for the future.

3. Shivam Patare (Raider)

Shivam Patare stands out as one of the most underrated players this season. His impact on the game far exceeds his raiding points. Despite limited playing time, he made the most of every opportunity as a substitute player and helped his team win with crucial points. Shivam became a super sub while Patare shone as Haryana Steelers struggled with Siddharth Desai out of form. His swift footwork and ability to force defensive errors proved invaluable. Across 23 matches, Patare amassed 116 raid points, including three Super 10s, displaying his consistency and prowess.

4. Ashish Malik (Defender)

Ashish Malik, from Rajasthan, is a face assassin for the Raiders in Kabaddi. Whether competing in Junior Nationals, Junior World Championships, or Yuva Kabaddi, Ashish consistently clinches titles, highlighting remarkable talent. Notably, his bonding with Yogesh Dahiya is exceptional coordination on the field. His signature moves, the ankle hold, mirrors that of his idol, star defender Surrender Nada.

Ashish's stellar performances often relegate even renowned players like Vishal Bhardwaj to the bench. In his debut Pro Kabaddi season, Ashish impressed everyone by scoring 48 tackle points across 19 matches, including 4 high 5s, highlighting his prowess as a young player. His remarkable agility and strategic gameplay made him a formidable opponent, ensuring his place as a rising star in the kabaddi world.

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5. M Sudhakar (Raider)

M Sudhakar was born in Palayanallur village in Tricky, Tamil Nadu, South India. He is famous in Tamil Nadu for his electrifying performance on the ground. With his lightning-fast movements, remarkable jumps, and Dubki technique, Sudhakar never fails to captivate the audience with his thrilling raids. This season, he represented Patna Pirates as their left raider, displaying his exceptional skills.

Across 19 matches, Sudhakar amassed an impressive tally of 103 raid points, including 3 Super 10 in the season. Beyond his scoring prowess, Sudhakar brings a sense of balance and resilience to his team, often stepping up when the situation demands and scoring crucial points. Sudhakar, a rookie raider, has made a game-changing impact on the team and fans eagerly anticipate his growth and success.

Pro Kabaddi Season 10 witnessed the rise of promising talents like Gagana Gowda, Mohit Khaler, Visvanth, Ajit Pawar, Vishal Chahal, Akshit Dhull, and numerous other young players. Their stellar performances displayed their immense potential, agility, strategic insight, and determination on the mat, assuring audiences of the bright future of Kabaddi. The rising talents have revitalised the league with their exceptional skills and unwavering commitment, captivating spectators with their performances. Their relentless pursuit of excellence and growing impact in the sport ensures that Kabaddi's heritage is secure, promising an exciting journey for the sport and its enthusiasts.

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