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The Potential Growth of Indian Esports Industry

Know how the esports industry in India has seen rapid growth and how it could shape the future of the country

The Potential Growth of Indian Esports Industry

Once upon a time, video games were looked upon as a pastime or a hobby. Now, things have become far more professional.


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Updated: 18 Aug 2022 9:39 AM GMT

India presently only accounts for 1% of the overall gaming business, considerably just after China and the United States. However, the industry's quick expansion is tipping the scales. It is anticipated that the Indian esports industry would have grown to a value of Rs 11 billion by the end of 2025. Esports may be said to be in the ideal spot and period. The category is moving forward thanks to low-cost mobile networks, fast 4G connection, and the accessibility of reasonably priced handsets.

Several of such consumers are younger, tech-savvy, and receptive to novel leisure genres like social gaming. Gaming already makes up well over 20% of iOS and Android applications, and that percentage is expected to increase. Among youthful urbanites with money, playing video games online isn't any more a costly pleasure. Esports are gaining popularity everywhere in addition to urban areas. Audience numbers are projected to climb in the countryside as a result of increased mobile connectivity, improved online entry, and the emergence of localized information.

Esports are only now beginning to gain traction in India. The majority of Indian players only became interested in digital sports amid difficult times, despite the fact that they had been operating for more than ten years. The viewership of such esports events have now increased with the new live streaming facilities available and the same people who used to follow other sports like cricket, tennis and football have now shifted their focus towards esports.

And as competitive gaming becomes more prevalent, many casual gamers are beginning to consider esports quite intensely. Players nowadays are enthusiastically accepting pay-to-play models as well as in transactions. There are a number of game reviewers and influencers in social media that are giving great support for the gaming enthusiasts that are interested in the esports sector. Big corporations are drawing awareness to the increasing esports sector and are investing in the growing audience. The total payout for pro players might reach Rs 1 billion by 2025 if things keep going in this direction.

The potential for esports to become India's largest betting market is also intriguing. The Indian cricket fans are always welcoming when it comes to betting games and online cricket betting is fast becoming one of the most followed activities for sports fans across the globe currently. Fantasy cricket league competition earnings can be generated by appropriate enforcement policies that favor them. Approximately 40,000 individuals are now employed in the gaming sector in India. It is expected that the number may increase to two million by the end of 2024. Stand to acquire among the general public is also positive for careers in gaming. Esports engagement has increased awareness in gaming-related careers.

Online VR games will increase in frequency as the industry continues to expand. Additional activities could increase the number of employment available to programmers, marketers, and publishers. Information analysts, event planners, and match commentators are other positions available in the esports industry. Even though the esports industry is expanding quickly, it is still incredibly disorganized. One solution here may be a tight-knit gaming group.

The esports sector also includes i-gaming which has a major share in the increased revenue of the total growth. The innovation in the field of casinos strives to provide players better opportunities. Online casino is the future of i-gaming and it played a vital role in the rapid expansion of esports as a force and would certainly continue to do so in coming years.

Popular esports gamers might number 1.5 million by 2025, and 85 million people could watch esports events. This fast growing industry has an influence on employment, pleasure, and the business. Esports will become the place to follow as online consumers shift their focus away from live contests and toward virtual worlds. It is almost certain that the esports sector would certainly take over as a driven force in coming years for sure.

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