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The Basics of Cricket in India

The roots of cricket in India kept strengthening over the years. Let's unravel the journey of the beautiful sport in the country:

The Basics of Cricket in India

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Updated: 6 April 2024 8:41 AM GMT

When India gained independence, the love for the game of Cricket did not disappear, but even intensified. The audience enjoyed going to the games of local clubs, as well as watching the success of the teams in the international arena. In 1971, the Indian national team competed in Great Britain against the English national team and won an unexpected victory. It was a big boost in Indian cricket. Everyone realized that now the national team poses a threat to competitors and can win the most difficult matches. We will tell you how cricket originated in India, what match formats exist, tell you about famous players and major tournaments.

The Origin of Cricket in India

At the beginning of the 18th century, sailors from Great Britain played the first match in India. The locals appreciated the new game and began to come to the next games. Fashion has spread throughout the coastal part of the country. The first cricket club was founded in Calcutta at the end of the 18th century, initially it accepted only players from Europe, but now mostly Indians play there. Then new clubs appeared, local and international tournaments began to be held.

Game Formats: From Tests to T20

There are currently 3 relevant match formats in India. The first of them is a "test match". The duration of the game is limited by time. Interestingly, this format is the oldest, and it was in this form that the matches took place in the last century. Now test matches are also used. To participate in such a match today, you must be an ICC member. At the moment, there are only 12 teams that meet these requirements. The Indian national team wears a white uniform to participate in such competitions; a red ball is also used. It should be remembered that you can do 1Win bet on such a match after registering on the portal, pay attention to the attractive odds. In order for the match to be recognized as a test match, both sides must agree that the game is educational in nature and will not affect the overall statistics. ODI is the second type of cricket match, which differs in that overs are limited. At the same time, there is no time limit, but there is an acceptable number of innings. The match may be terminated due to weather conditions or other extraordinary circumstances. In such a competition, one of the teams can win or there will be a draw (with an equal number of runs). The advantage of this format is the speed of the game: the winner is determined in one day. On average, the game lasts up to 6 hours. A white ball is used for the game. Let's move on to the latest, most popular format, T20, which is the most successful. In this case, a white ball is also used and there is a limit on overs. T20 includes two innings, the teams attack in turn. Each team needs to complete 120 innings (20 overs of 6 innings each). The average duration of such a match is from 3 to 4 hours. The first Twenty20 World Championship was held in 2007. Let's list below the main forms of cricket matches today:

  • Test cricket.
  • ODI.
  • Twenty20.

Stars and Legends left in History

When we talk about the legends of Indian cricket, first of all we remember the players who showed the best results. If you open the statistics, you can see that Gautam Gambhir earned the most runs, he is no longer playing, but at one time he received the Padma Shri government award. In second place by runs is Suresh Raina, who was the captain of Chennai SK before M. Dhoni. The absolute leader in the number of wickets remains the versatile player Irfan Pathan, who joined the Indian national team at the age of 19. The second place in the number of wickets belongs to Yuvraj Singh, he batted with his left hand using an orthodox technique, the player managed to win 7 awards at once in ODI cricket in the nomination "Best Player of the series". The most iconic player from India was and remains M. Dhoni, who is the captain of the national team, as well as the captain of Chennai Super Kings today.

Modern Tournaments: From Local Leagues to International Competitions

Currently, there are many tournaments – local and international. The most significant event is considered to be the men's CWC (World Championship). The last time the tournament was held in the autumn of 2023 in India, the ODI format was used (this is the thirteenth WC in a row). England could not retain their championship and did not get out of the group stage. India entered the final, where they lost to Australia. Our athletes lacked 6 wickets. The final was held at the N. Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. The 10 strongest teams arrived at the tournament, they played 48 matches among themselves. 7 teams out of 10 received permits based on the results of the Super League. The Netherlands and Sri Lanka qualified for the qualifying round. India was the host country and had the right to put their team out of the competition. For the first time, a penalty was applied at the CWC for slow innings, and the Sri Lankan national team received it. Recall that Indian cricketers received silver medals in this championship. 2023 was also a historic year for Women's cricket in India as they won the U-19 Women's T20 World Cup and later hosted the first edition of the Women's Premier league. In the Asian Games 2023 later, both the Men's and Women's team won Gold medals for the country.

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