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Rajat Chauhan Mentors Young Archers in Rajasthan

Rajat Chauhan Mentors Young Archers in Rajasthan

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Updated: 17 Jan 2023 5:41 AM GMT

Rajat Chauhan is starting his new year 2023 right by mentoring young archers in Rajasthan. As an Indian professional compound archer and a leading figure in the local police department, Chauhan is giving back to his community to build a stronger next generation.

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Rajat Chauhan's Professional Archery Career Highlights

Rajat Chauhan rose to fame as a professional Indian archer when he was awarded the Gold Medal in the 2014 Asian Games during his performance on a team with other archery professionals Sandeep Kumar and Abhishek Verma. In the same year, Chauhan made history to become the first Indian qualifier for the Archery World Cup final.

Chauhan reached the final round of the World Archery Championships in 2015. Because of his stellar performance as a professional Indian archer, he received the Arjuna Award in 2016, which highlights his prowess in his professional archery craft. As of today, he acts as the Deputy Superintendent of Police in the nation of Rajasthan.

Chauhan's Mentoring Efforts for Young Archers

Swai Man Singh Stadium is Rajat Chauhan's training area where he perfects his archery craft and has been the place where he has refined his skills for the last 20 years since he was very young. As he grew into adulthood, he mentored 25 archery students on their aim, form, and proper sportsmanship.

Out of the 25 mentees, two of his students are already playing international archery because of their dedicated hard work in applying Chauhan's teachings. Swati Dudhwal and Priya Gurjar are the two mentees that have quickly risen to international recognition.

Swati Dudhwal's Road to Success

Swati Dudhwal is only a year younger than her mentor Rajat Chauhan, and she has excelled in her career as a world medalist for the last decade. She started her archery career in 2011 and made her international career debut only two years later in 2013.

She is ten points above at 690 for the qualification best category. Her average arrow throw is 9.31 while she has 44% of her matches. Dudhwal achieved 67% in tiebreaker wins.

Dudhwal has won multiple bronzes, gold, and silver medals from outdoor archery championships throughout her career. She won a gold team medal for the World Archery University Championships in 2016.

She received a bronze team medal during the World Archery Youth Championships in 2013. For the Asian Outdoor Championships of 2015, Dudhwal won a silver team medal for their performance.

Priya Gurgar's Road to Success

Priya Gurgar is only 18 years old and making great strides in her new international fame as an Indian professional female archer. Her average arrow throw is 9.5 and she has won 13 of the 22 matches in which she has participated. In one of her matches, Gurgar achieved a tiebreaker win. Her qualification best is currently ranked at 700.

She has won multiple medals in outdoor archery championships. In 2019, she won a silver team medal for the Asian Outdoor Championships and another silver team medal for the Asian Grand Prix Circuit.

In the World Archery Youth Championships of 2021, she won a gold medal in a team event and a silver medal during an individual event. In the World Archery Championships of 2021, she received a silver medal in a team event. For the World Cup Stage, Gurgar was awarded a bronze medal when participating in a team effort.


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